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Do Not Remove This Label

I have this nasty little habit I’ve formed. Many times I label people within the first few minutes of meeting them. I observe their words, body language and reactions. I might ask a few questions. Then bam, I put a label on them. Sometimes I do pretty well (at least on the surface). Which only […]

Maintaining Relationships From A Place Of Sonship

Last week I told you about a relationship seminar that we had in my church. I taught a break-out session for the single men. For all those that prayed for me let me just say, I FELT it. Thank you so much for your support. I feel like it went fantastic. The initial sign up […]

Overcoming The Spirit Of Fear

I recently had an opportunity to teach on a trip to Brazil. As I was preparing to share a message in front of 350 Brazilians, fear gripped me. This would be by far the largest group of people I had ever spoken in front of. My pastor had spoken two days before and absolutely crushed […]

Jesus Grew Up

If you’re not easily offended, one of the funniest parts of the movie Talledega Nights is Ricky Bobby’s prayer to baby Jesus. He says things like “Dear 8lb, 6oz newborn infant Jesus…don’t even know a word yet, just a little infant and cuddly but still omnipotent.” He says he likes to pray to the baby Jesus. It is over the top but it made me think, “Can I relate to baby Jesus?”

From Slavery To Sonship

Sons and slaves have very different roles in a household. There are different expectations put on a son and a servant. One is part of the family and one is a hired hand.

Leader Is Not A Title

So much is said about leadership these days. Leadership is influence. Leaders have passion. You lead by example. For the most part, I agree with all of these points. People talk about the great responsibility that comes with leadership. I agree with that as well