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On Marriage, Expectation and Dirty Sinks

I haven’t written much about marriage in the last 6 months. Honestly, I’m not always sure what’s appropriate to share or how soon after something happens. So I err on the side of caution. But there are great things happening in my marriage. I’m learning a lot about what it means to be a man. […]

You Become What You Behold

In my experience, weddings come in spurts. I know about 10 people that have been married within the past year, including myself. In these waves, I get my fill of weddings and then some. What is cool is to see how each couple decides to plan their wedding. Some are very informal (like we did) […]

From Condolences To Congratulations

The week before my wedding I was sitting at my work desk. I was busy handling last minute preparations for my week away from the office. Since my back is to the door, I have a rear-view mirror so I don’t get scared out of my shoes when people walk up behind me. I spun […]

A Rose By Any Other Name…

If you haven’t heard, I am getting married this weekend! That said, I thought the perfect way to leave you all before the big day is with a guest post from my wife-to-be. When she sent this to me, I was blown away. I hope you love it as much as I do. On October […]

Note To Self: Die To Self

I am selfish. No matter how many selfless acts I perform, at the core of who I am is a selfish person. This can be deceptive because on the suface, it can appear that I am very selfless and giving. I recently wrote this note and put it next to my computer. Every morning when […]

Where Are All The Trophy Husbands?

A few weeks ago on Twitter I wrote, “I can’t wait to get married so I can put ‘Trophy Husband‘ on my profile.” It got a ton of response. Just this week I thought about it again and it made me ask the question, “Where are all the trophy husbands?” In just over 2 months, […]

Choosing To Change

Welcome to the guest post extravaganza! First up is my good friend Mo. I can’t remember how I came across his site but the first time I did, I probably read 10 of his posts. I think I’m subscribed to the comment thread of every post since then. He is a storyteller with a unique […]