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Love The Sinner, Hate The Sin?

Have you ever said this phrase? I know I have. On the surface it sounds nice but it’s not as loving as we might think. The more I think about it, the more I believe that Ghandi got this one wrong. I’m sure his heart was in the right place but bumpersticker theology too often […]

Love and Humility

Two of my favorite virtues are love and humility. They are two of the qualities in a person I respect most. But it wasn’t until I heard this phrase from a mentor that my perspective was completely shifted: Love gives. Humility receives. Love I’ve always thought of love as being something that happens to two […]

Coloring Inside The Lines

There are very few people who will admit that they don’t need rules in their life. Sure, there are a lot of people who don’t like rules. But ultimately, people value rules over anarchy. But what if there was something better than rules? Boundaries are a way of providing the benefits of rules without the […]

It’s Better To Live And To Receive

I hate being stuck in the middle seat on an airplane. I’m also a procrastinator, so when I had the opportunity to call the airline 3 weeks before my flight to change my seat, I kept telling myself I would do it tomorrow. I completely forgot about it and I found myself wedged between a […]

Emotional Justice

Our legal system is broken. On a regular basis we hear of criminals set free, innocent charged for crimes they did not commit, celebrities getting preferential treatment and even corruption in the courts. In our culture, lawyers are thought of with contempt. Judges do not garner the respect they once had. Many have lost faith […]

Supernatural Love

Every once in awhile you have a serendipitous encounter with an incredible person. A like-minded friend. A brother from another mother. That would be my boy Justin Falls. Jus knows music (East Coast hip hop love from a left coaster), funny (Anchorman quotes for days), grace and justice. I discovered him last year when he […]

I’ve Got This Friend

Everyone loves a good love story. I figured it was time to share mine. After 4 long years of sitting, waiting, wishing, I found the most incredible woman I’ve ever met.

Just One Glance

I remember my first crush. I was about 6 years old. Her name was Jessica and she lived in my neighborhood. She was beautiful. I remember I used to just stare at her to no end. Every once in awhile she would turn and catch my eye and my heart would drop to the bottom […]

Overcoming The Spirit Of Fear

I recently had an opportunity to teach on a trip to Brazil. As I was preparing to share a message in front of 350 Brazilians, fear gripped me. This would be by far the largest group of people I had ever spoken in front of. My pastor had spoken two days before and absolutely crushed […]

Oh How He Loves Me

Most of us can relate to Peter. We know him as zealous, passionate, prideful and most notably…the one who denied Jesus. But can we relate to John? Peter’s identity was in how much he professed to love Jesus. John’s identity was in being the beloved of Jesus. In the Gospel of John, he refers to […]