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Leadership Lessons From A Chick-Fil-A Owner

I work at a church that is located approximately 3 miles away from Chik-Fil-A. Naturally we make it there on a regular basis. Anything else would be blasphemy, no? We love going there not just because the food is great (I could seriously eat my body weight in chicken nuggets) but the service is stellar. […]

Sin Management vs Holy Spirit Leadership

Since coming on staff as the Communications Director for my church, my outlook on leadership has significantly changed. In all of my previous jobs, I’ve been managed. It wasn’t until I actually experienced healthy leadership that I realized management and leadership are two very different concepts. My pastor is very much a visionary. His aim […]

Gray Areas

Some of my favorite topics to discuss with other Christians are those areas that aren’t explicitly mentioned in the Bible. I believe as we mature as followers of Christ, this is one of the key subjects that we must be able to wrap our heads around.

Leader Is Not A Title

So much is said about leadership these days. Leadership is influence. Leaders have passion. You lead by example. For the most part, I agree with all of these points. People talk about the great responsibility that comes with leadership. I agree with that as well