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How Do You Measure Success?

If grace and life transformation can’t be quantified, how can Christians gauge true effectiveness? I’m so excited to announce my latest article was published in Relevant Magazine! I’m talking about our culture’s view of success and how looking at it through the eyes of the Kingdom of God flips success on it’s head. I’d love […]

American Dream Christianity

I went to a prosperity church for a short season. At the time, I didn’t even know what that meant. I just knew that they had a fancy building, comfortable seats, a great choir and strangely enough…lots of people putting money on the altar all throughout the service. I had just started going to church […]

Leadership Lessons From A Chick-Fil-A Owner

I work at a church that is located approximately 3 miles away from Chik-Fil-A. Naturally we make it there on a regular basis. Anything else would be blasphemy, no? We love going there not just because the food is great (I could seriously eat my body weight in chicken nuggets) but the service is stellar. […]

More Of You Means More Of Me

The other day in worship my friend Andrew began to sing a refrain that most of us are pretty familiar with. “More of you and less of me, Jesus“. The problem was that he changed it up and sang out “More of you means more of me. More of you means the real me.” It […]

Creation Is Groaning

If you were anywhere near a computer or television on Friday, you witnessed one of the most horrifying natural disasters in history. The 8.9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami off the coast of Japan unleashed destruction of epic proportions. The dramatic reports continue to flood in as new pictures and video are posted. My heart breaks […]

Overcoming The Spirit Of Fear

I recently had an opportunity to teach on a trip to Brazil. As I was preparing to share a message in front of 350 Brazilians, fear gripped me. This would be by far the largest group of people I had ever spoken in front of. My pastor had spoken two days before and absolutely crushed […]