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More Than Motivation

From Tony: Today’s guest post is from my friend Juan Cruz. If you’re interested in guest posting, click here. Do you want to live an exceptional life? Exceptional living can take various forms. It might be writing the book, you’ve always dreamed of. Digging wells in Africa. Traversing the Appalachian trial. Feeding the hungry in […]

More Of You Means More Of Me

The other day in worship my friend Andrew began to sing a refrain that most of us are pretty familiar with. “More of you and less of me, Jesus“. The problem was that he changed it up and sang out “More of you means more of me. More of you means the real me.” It […]

Oh How He Loves Me

Most of us can relate to Peter. We know him as zealous, passionate, prideful and most notably…the one who denied Jesus. But can we relate to John? Peter’s identity was in how much he professed to love Jesus. John’s identity was in being the beloved of Jesus. In the Gospel of John, he refers to […]

Jesus Grew Up

If you’re not easily offended, one of the funniest parts of the movie Talledega Nights is Ricky Bobby’s prayer to baby Jesus. He says things like “Dear 8lb, 6oz newborn infant Jesus…don’t even know a word yet, just a little infant and cuddly but still omnipotent.” He says he likes to pray to the baby Jesus. It is over the top but it made me think, “Can I relate to baby Jesus?”