404 Hope | Tony J. Alicea

Why You Should Get Your Hopes Up

“Don’t get your hopes up.” Have you ever thought about why we say that? I mean, I realize that nobody likes to be disappointed. But is disappointment really the end of the world? I’ve prided myself on being a pretty steady guy. I’m a rock of stability, if you will. I don’t get too excited […]

Pregnant With Expectancy

A friend of mine is pregnant. I mean really pregnant. Like, feet swollen to twice their normal size and assigned to bed rest by her doctor, pregnant. Every time we speak she says the same thing. I just want this baby to come already! I can’t possibly understand what she’s going through. I am confident that […]

On Failure and Hope

There’s a video on YouTube of a dad recording a little boy after riding his bike for the first time. The boy is so excited he can barely get his words out to describe how he feels. His dad encourages him to share some wisdom with others and the boy proceeds to give one of […]

From Condolences To Congratulations

The week before my wedding I was sitting at my work desk. I was busy handling last minute preparations for my week away from the office. Since my back is to the door, I have a rear-view mirror so I don’t get scared out of my shoes when people walk up behind me. I spun […]