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The Ugly Duckling Gospel

From Tony: This is a guest post by my friend Samuel St. Fleur. If you are interested in guest posting, click here. The ugly duckling is one of the most well known tales of the past two centuries. It is a story of how a little “ugly” duck is mocked and teased because it looked […]

Our Story Is Not Our Identity

This is a guest post by Chris Lautsbaugh. If you are interested in guest posting, you can find out more about it here. Our family has recently completed a journey to adopt and immigrate our son from South Africa. This process took over four years and included custody, name changes, countless documents, and finally culminated […]

Recovering Identity

Today’s guest post comes from Marni Arnold. She’s sharing a story of recovering identity after losing it in her relationships. I can definitely relate. I hope you enjoy it! Typically, December only held within it four major occurrences in my life – the anniversary of my salvation, my husband’s birthday, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. However, 5 […]

A Rose By Any Other Name…

If you haven’t heard, I am getting married this weekend! That said, I thought the perfect way to leave you all before the big day is with a guest post from my wife-to-be. When she sent this to me, I was blown away. I hope you love it as much as I do. On October […]

A Pastor Without a Place

Have you ever tried to introduce someone really, really great to your friends? It seems like words can’t really do you justice. You try to give a quick bio or tell them something funny or frame the introduction impressively. Anything so they are ready to receive this new blessing of acquaintance with the proper reverence. […]

My Father’s Daughter

I feel extremely blessed by the community on this blog. I’ve never had to turn away a guest post that was submitted to me. They haven’t just been acceptable, I’ve loved every single one of them. Today’s post is no exception. My new friend Nikki is sharing what it’s like to be her father’s daughter. […]

For The Vision Impaired

Today’s post is brought to you by my new friend, Arny. In my last post about names, I found out that his name means “powerful eagle,” so you know he’s good. Today he’s sharing his story on dirty windows, the theme song for One Tree Hill and identity. So without further ado, I invite Arny […]

My Unfocused Life

Today I’m excited to welcome my friend Alise Wright to the blog. We’ve been online buddies for awhile now and just recently Katie and I got to meet her in person. Rest assured she is just as awesome in person as she is online. Maybe one day you’ll be so lucky. Alise has a unique story […]

When Dreams Don’t Come True

Today’s post is brought to you by one of my very favorites. Cathy has become a great friend from when I stumbled across her site and we connected immediately through our mutual love of reading. She blogs at Windows and Paper Walls about her fascination with literature, learning and all geeky things science related. She’s […]


I met Bill…er Pastor (don’t call me Billy) Bill awhile back through Michael Perkins blog. I’ve learned quite a bit from his blog called Cycleguy’s Spin. I think it should be called Cycleguy’s No Spin because he tells it like it is. He breaks down scripture and he shares personal stories about pastoring a church […]