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You Become What You Behold

In my experience, weddings come in spurts. I know about 10 people that have been married within the past year, including myself. In these waves, I get my fill of weddings and then some. What is cool is to see how each couple decides to plan their wedding. Some are very informal (like we did) […]

Stop Blaming The Holy Spirit For Your Conviction

My first job was in a grocery store. I was a bagger for a couple of years before I was promoted to the meat department. This is where I encountered my first jerk of a boss. He was a perfectionist in every sense of the word. Every shelf had to be stocked fully and perfectly. […]

Uncover Lies To Discover Identity

There are few things that give me joy like seeing someone experience freedom in their life. I love to see others discover their identity in Christ and be changed forever by the truth of who they are in Him. But the biggest obstacle in reaching that place of freedom is dealing with the lies that […]

Coloring Inside The Lines

There are very few people who will admit that they don’t need rules in their life. Sure, there are a lot of people who don’t like rules. But ultimately, people value rules over anarchy. But what if there was something better than rules? Boundaries are a way of providing the benefits of rules without the […]

Life Without Rules

I’ve never been rebellious in my life. I’ve never been the one to question the status quo. I like rules. Obedience always came naturally to me. But as I mature in my faith, I’m seeing that God isn’t interested in us blindly following rules. So I started asking some dangerous questions: What if we could […]