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Daddy Issues: A Story Of Rejection

Can rejection ever be a good thing? I never thought it could but experience has taught me differently. There is a direct correlation to a lack of protection from our fathers and a fear of rejection. In my last post, I explained how fathers are intended to teach us to take risks. When we don’t feel […]

The Good Thing about Fear, Frustration and Failure

From Tony: Darrell has become a personal friend since moving down to plant a church here in south Florida. I’m excited to share this post from him today. If you’re interested in guest posting, you can find out more here. *** In the past four months of my life I got married, moved across the […]

Why We All Need Participation Trophies

I played a lot of sports as a kid. I was a perennial all-star in both basketball and baseball up until high school. I had a shelf full of trophies displaying all of my accomplishments. A trophy I never had on my shelf was a participation trophy. No thank you. It occurs to me that […]

Confusing Criticism For Failure

I long for validation. I’m not talking about kind words from an acquaintance. I’m talking about weighty validation from someone I respect. But many times I sabotage a compliment before it can even come. Have you ever created something that you loved and then felt like you hated it? I’ve actually apologized for my creativity. […]

On Failure and Hope

There’s a video on YouTube of a dad recording a little boy after riding his bike for the first time. The boy is so excited he can barely get his words out to describe how he feels. His dad encourages him to share some wisdom with others and the boy proceeds to give one of […]

The Anti-Resolution

If you’re like me, you have probably already OD’d on hearing about New Year’s Resolutions or the One Word of the year. I’m pretty sure I read my body weight in blog posts about these subjects. It’s all good and very ambitious. But what would it look like to have an anti-resolution for the year? […]


I met Bill…er Pastor (don’t call me Billy) Bill awhile back through Michael Perkins blog. I’ve learned quite a bit from his blog called Cycleguy’s Spin. I think it should be called Cycleguy’s No Spin because he tells it like it is. He breaks down scripture and he shares personal stories about pastoring a church […]

Potential Failure

I could have been a professional basketball player. I was sure it was going to happen when I was a freshman in high school. I played basketball every day. I was on the high school team. I was good. My coach told me that I could possibly skip JV and go straight to Varsity as […]

Calling Out Greatness In Others

I was a leader at my previous church. Things were great. Everything in my life seemed perfect. Then it happened. I had one of those life-altering events that shook me to the very core of my faith.

If You Could Not Fail

I recently read the following question on a blog I read called The Art of Non-Conformity: “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”