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When You’ve Forgotten

When I was a boy, I had a vivid imagination. I excelled in school and was typically the first to finish my assignments in class. I would look around and see the others still working, so I escaped off into my own world. This world came to life and the characters I created spoke to […]

Story 2012: Words And Pictures

I don’t have an elegant recap of my time at STORY 2012. I’m still processing a lot of what I saw, heard and learned. So I’ll share a couple of quotes and some images that are still running through my head.

Interview With Gary Molander, Author of Pursuing Christ. Creating Art.

There is a creative renaissance emerging in the body of Christ. More than ever, I see sons and daughters of God finding their identity and fanning the flame of creativity that God has put inside of them. We need leaders to steward this move. We need those that can relate to creatives and artists. We […]

Is It Wrong To Imitate Others?

I find myself imitating others on a regular basis. You may say that you are only “inspired” by others. That’s great. But I imitate others all the time. It’s probably not what you think, though. I believe both inspiration and imitation are important. Just as long as you can differentiate when each one is appropriate. […]

5 Reasons Why Boredom Will Derail Your Life

When you are determined to live intentionally, your view on life completely changes.When you start asking yourself “Why am I doing this?” you’ll find many activities that you do out of sheer boredom.