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The Letter That Changed My Life

My life changed with one letter. Two short paragraphs. The decision to hand over one sheet of paper marked the end of a season and the beginning of a brand new journey. In November of last year I handed in my letter of resignation. I quit my cushy job in corporate America with good pay, great […]

How To Live A Better Story

I love telling stories. When I read books, I read them out loud just to practice. Storytelling is an art and with an unskilled storyteller, a great story can turn into a boring one. Ironically, telling a good story isn’t the same as living a good story. Even great storytellers can live boring lives. In the […]

Is Your Life Unremarkably Average?

There are two things I never want said about me when I die. Tony was average. Tony was unremarkable. I want live an exceptionally remarkable life. I want to live intentionally and make every day count. When I reflect on my life and see mediocrity and stagnation, I know it’s time to light a fire […]

Choosing To Change

Welcome to the guest post extravaganza! First up is my good friend Mo. I can’t remember how I came across his site but the first time I did, I probably read 10 of his posts. I think I’m subscribed to the comment thread of every post since then. He is a storyteller with a unique […]

Why You Hate Change

Change can be mildly annoying, extremely frustrating, or decidedly life-changing. One thing is certain. As the prophet Sam Cooke told us, “A Change Gon’ Come”.