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Why I Stopped Trying To Read The Bible Everyday

Do you read the Bible everyday? Yeah, me either. But it used to be a really heavy weight I carried. But no longer. No more. Today I tell the story of how I dealt with the obligation of daily devotions. I talk about how it made me feel like a terrible Christian and then how […]

Memorize The Song

I love to sing. So when a few years ago I had an opportunity to sing on the worship team in my church, I was thrilled. Other than singing showtunes in choir class in 6th grade, I didn’t have any formal training in singing. I realized that if I was going to sing with a […]

Echoes of Truth

I remember as a kid, how excited I was to find a place that produced an echo. I would sit there constantly saying words and making noises, waiting for the echo. The echo returned my voice in a weaker, softer version. When I was with someone else, invariably they would yell out as well and […]