404 Poetry | Tony J. Alicea

Darkest Before Dawn

A life obscure Without a name Forgot for years on end Insecure Frozen in fear Solace, the only friend Silent cries Guarded eyes Masking pain below A tender heart Was torn apart Oppression won’t let go But then a word A gentle touch An unforeseen embrace A subtle shift A spark of life A dream […]

What Do You See?

I see a barren bag of bones, brushed off and abandoned. I see cracks and crevices and contaminated corrosion. I see a muted, maligned and meaningless mandible I see a breathless, fleshless, useless frame. I see dry bones. He sees four winds wafting across the wasteland. He sees torn tendons intertwined and stitched together. He […]

Gates of Thanksgiving

I’m thankful for lies, because truthful lips endure forever. I’m thankful for offenses, because your justice is as the noonday. I’m thankful for waiting, because desire fulfilled is a tree of life.

The Easy Way Out (My Open Letter To The Church)

It’s easy to complain about others It’s easy to find fault in their actions It’s easy to criticize It’s easy to make fun It’s easy to disgrace someone publicly It’s easy to make yourself feel superior It’s easy to be self-righteous It takes much more effort to love It takes much more effort to have […]

Joy Comes In The Mourning

If  “IF” was a fifth I’d intoxicate with time travel As I watch my life unravel Before my eyes Lies from my lips All are retracted Cries like beads slid back, subtracted Replaced with bliss Every kiss is eternal Embrace like the sunshine True love poured as wine On the one lost at sea But […]

My First Love

I remember when we met. I was only 10 years old. It was just puppy love. I fell into what I thought was love with you. I loved the feelings of butterflies in my stomach at just the thought of you. We grew up together and got a little closer every year. I was immature […]

Because Of You

Because of you… I am the man I am today Because of you I’ve never been led astray… Not far anyway You are my inspiration I have high expectations And I know there are no limitations To what I can do… because of you. You are my motivation It’s you that keeps me going You […]

What’s The Difference?

All around I see faces From different places, different races Different religions, different ambitions I could just sit and listen Different opinions on life Different struggles and strife Different ways of selecting A husband or wife Different backgrounds, but won’t back down From what they believe in Different ways of expressing Their crying and grieving […]


I’m confused I wasn’t abused But my mind is scarred I try hard to grasp the past And at last I laugh I want the truth But since a youth I would hold what I was told Without explanation Mind racing, facing lies Or maybe it’s true What do I do? Believe who, you? Why […]