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Shades of Gray: Astrology

What’s your sign? I’ve never used that as a pick up line but there was a short time in my life when I dabbled in astrology. Yes, it was because of a girl. No, I didn’t get sucked into the occult. Should Christians read horoscopes? Well, I could tell you what I think or I […]

Introducing: Shades of Gray

I’m excited to announce my new column in Prodigal Magazine! It’s called Shades of Gray. I think you’re going to like it. I write about learning to make decisions in the gray areas of life. I’m not talking about taking a gray area and changing it to black and white, I talk about navigating through these […]

Top 9 Posts of 2011

As I reflect back over this year, I see how many great things have happened. My blog has grown more than I expected, my writing has improved and I wrote more this year than I have in the past 10 years. I’ve been able to write about the most memorable personal aspects of my life […]

Interview With Gary Molander, Author of Pursuing Christ. Creating Art.

There is a creative renaissance emerging in the body of Christ. More than ever, I see sons and daughters of God finding their identity and fanning the flame of creativity that God has put inside of them. We need leaders to steward this move. We need those that can relate to creatives and artists. We […]

The Weekend Wrap Up

Blogs I Wrote There’s No Such Thing As Being Overcommitted: I don’t believe in overcommittment. This post is my manifesto on the topic. 4 Words That Changed My Life: I found out how many people are deathly afraid of confrontation. I shared a phrase that changed my whole perspective on how to handle confrontation with […]

Elevator Pitch: Expect The Exceptional

Are your dreams God’s dreams? These days there is no shortage of voices encouraging you to follow your dreams. Countless books and websites provide strategies to pursue whatever makes you happy. But what if your desires aren’t God’s will? How do you know? In Expect The Exceptional, I share the key to unlocking God’s plan […]

The Weekend Wrap Up

Blogs I Wrote The Hustle Switch: I was having a little writers block and I got some inspiration to push through. I was provoked not just in my writing but in my devotions. Short and sweet. Amnesiac Grace: I talk about how easy it can be to forget the grace we’ve been given and return […]

Weekend Wrap Up

Welcome to a new series on the blog. The Weekend Wrap Up will be sort of a digest of the blog week, a highlight of some of my favorite blogs and other odds and ends. I hope you enjoy! Blogs I Wrote With the short holiday week, I only wrote two blogs this week: On […]

3 Parenting Tips I Learned From The Dog Whisperer

Today I make my comedic debut. I know you all think I’m hilarious but I don’t write a humor blog. My posts are mostly serious. So it was fun to let my hair down and share with you something I’m passionate about…telling people how to raise their kids. KC blogs about parenting pretty regularly so […]

7 Things I Learned Last Week

I love traveling! Last week I had the opportunity to go to Columbia, MD for a week of training for my job. Katie’s brother lives nearby so we got to spend the evenings and weekend together. If you remember the last time I went to a training, I came back with 5 lessons learned. This […]