404 Meditations

3 Things Grace Is Not…

I hear a lot about grace. I sing songs about it. I read books about it. I write blogs about it on occasion. I know what grace is. It is unmerited favor. I’ve also heard it defined as supernatural enabling power. But the other day I was thinking about what grace is not. I haven’t […]

Amnesic Grace

I don’t shave much. Consequently, I don’t buy razors very often. There are times when I go months between shaving. But every once in awhile, I like that smooth-as-a-baby’s-bottom feel and I replace the clippers with the razor. I buy those cheap, disposable razors. These go dull pretty quickly but inevitably, I still try to […]

I Suck At Evangelism

In my last job, I worked at a Christian web design company. We were doing a lot of what WordPress does today. Ten years ago, not many people were doing web design with a content management system as the back end. I worked as a project manager and consultant. I loved my job and I […]

Finding Freedom In Distraction

I hate distractions. Mostly because I am self-diagnosed ADD. I blame the Internet. What I’ve realized though is that no matter what I do, I will always find a distraction if I’m looking for one. It’s like when you’re in a quiet room and you look at the clock; next thing you know, you hear […]

The Messy, Beautiful Church

One of my guilty pleasures back in the day was the MTV show, The Real World. Before reality TV was basically staged like it is today, this show gave us the fly-on-the-wall look into the lives of real, every day people paired together with complete strangers. It was one of the greatest social experiments of […]

The Best Motivator

I conduct a lot of interviews at my job. One of the questions I typically ask is, “What motivates you to do your best work?” The answers range from recognition to compensation to a simple thanks. All of the answers do help in small ways but I always find that in the long term, those […]

The Worst Motivator

Guilt. People use guilt trips to get their way every day. The problem is that guilt is a terrible motivator. It kills passion, joy and enthusiasm. Motivation fades as guilt wears off. Generally, guilt doesn’t work on me. If anything, I respond in the opposite direction. If I sense that I am being guilted into […]

Emotional Justice

Our legal system is broken. On a regular basis we hear of criminals set free, innocent charged for crimes they did not commit, celebrities getting preferential treatment and even corruption in the courts. In our culture, lawyers are thought of with contempt. Judges do not garner the respect they once had. Many have lost faith […]

Supernatural Love

Every once in awhile you have a serendipitous encounter with an incredible person. A like-minded friend. A brother from another mother. That would be my boy Justin Falls. Jus knows music (East Coast hip hop love from a left coaster), funny (Anchorman quotes for days), grace and justice. I discovered him last year when he […]

Double Jeopardy

I am no legal expert. The majority of my legalese comes directly from movies and TV. But every once in awhile I learn a bit of legal jargon that makes sense in my life and I can drop it in conversation. Then I’m pretty much like Tom Cruise cross examining Jack Nicholson in A Few […]