404 Meditations | Tony J. Alicea

What I’m Learning About Safe Faith

When you step out and take a risk with God, it’s tempting to think everything is going to happen just how you imagined. You’ve talked about it, prayed about it, presented your plan to God and subsequently felt His blessing on it. This is your faith offering so you trust that God will honor your […]

The God Of The Last Minute

Recently I’ve seen an unusually large number of people saying that God tends to speak at the last minute. And while I don’t think this is true, my actions betray my thoughts. It could be in regards to our personal lives, relationships, major life decisions or whatever. We can’t figure out what to do and […]

Why I Stopped Trying To Read The Bible Everyday

Do you read the Bible everyday? Yeah, me either. But it used to be a really heavy weight I carried. But no longer. No more. Today I tell the story of how I dealt with the obligation of daily devotions. I talk about how it made me feel like a terrible Christian and then how […]

American Dream Christianity

I went to a prosperity church for a short season. At the time, I didn’t even know what that meant. I just knew that they had a fancy building, comfortable seats, a great choir and strangely enough…lots of people putting money on the altar all throughout the service. I had just started going to church […]

The Ugly Duckling Gospel

From Tony: This is a guest post by my friend Samuel St. Fleur. If you are interested in guest posting, click here. The ugly duckling is one of the most well known tales of the past two centuries. It is a story of how a little “ugly” duck is mocked and teased because it looked […]

On Boiling Goats And Willing Hearts

I’m reading the Old Testament again and I’ve gotten to one of my favorite verses. You know the one telling you not to boil a goat in it’s mother’s milk? Yeah, I love that one. Mostly because it reminds me it’s okay to ask why. The first time I read the Bible through, I was […]

From What To Why

Why am I doing this? It’s a valid question to ask yearly, monthly and even daily. More than ever, I see how important the WHY is in every aspect of my life. Why am I working here? Why did I get married? Why do I follow Christ? Why ask why?

From Condolences To Congratulations

The week before my wedding I was sitting at my work desk. I was busy handling last minute preparations for my week away from the office. Since my back is to the door, I have a rear-view mirror so I don’t get scared out of my shoes when people walk up behind me. I spun […]

The Allure of Depression

No one could ever say they like how depression feels. That would be crazy, right? I can’t say I have a vast amount of experience with depression but it did hit me pretty hard a few years ago. Strangely enough, I liked it.  It’s difficult to explain but I try to do just that today […]

Confident Humility

Pride and humility are more closely linked than one would imagine. Some would say the two are in direct opposition. I say they are the same thing, just with different sources. In James 4:6, it says that “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” Many will look at a confident person and consider […]