404 The God Of The Last Minute

The God Of The Last Minute

Recently I’ve seen an unusually large number of people saying that God tends to speak at the last minute. And while I don’t think this is true, my actions betray my thoughts.

It could be in regards to our personal lives, relationships, major life decisions or whatever. We can’t figure out what to do and we don’t pull the trigger until the eleventh hour. Then we chalk it up to God being the one that waits until the last minute to provide direction.

Does God really enjoy waiting for the last minute to give direction?

My thought is that WE don’t really come to Him in earnest until the last minute. We send up these half-hearted prayers and wait for God to audibly reveal the answer in dramatic fashion. Or maybe He can write it in the sky. That would be clear enough, right?

We impute our procrastination on God. We think He’s just waiting it out and watching us squirm when in actuality He’s just waiting for us to come and spend time with Him.

Prayer ends up being a monologue and when we don’t hear His voice in immediate response we give up.

If we would take the time to get in His presence and just BE QUIET, I believe we would get direction much sooner. We wouldn’t have to wait until the last minute to get the answers we so desperately desire.

But sometimes listening is hard. It’s tough to be quiet when our mind is racing with all the possible outcomes. If you’re in your own head a lot like me, it feels like a miracle to let your mind sit still enough to listen.

And yet this is where we’ll hear from God. We won’t need to stress out in the last minute, straining to hear what He says. We won’t have to doubt ourselves in thinking, “Is this really what I’m supposed to do?”

When we come to God positioned to hear from Him, we’ll realize that He’s not waiting until the last minute to speak. He’s waiting for us to stop trying to figure everything out on our own and just come and sit quietly in His presence. Only until we stop trying to figure it out ourselves will we hear what He has to say.

God doesn’t procrastinate. He may not give the response you want when you want it, but He’s always on time.


  1. Wow-this is incredibly humbling. I’ve been going through a lot of “big decisions” lately (quitting jobs, moving, etc) and what you describe here has certainly happened a few times. It is so easy to wait and wait and wait, thinking, “I wish God would show me something already”, when in reality we’re just sitting there talking non-stop, not letting Him get a word in edgewise.

    It makes me think of the old cliche about God being a gentleman: he won’t kick the door to your heart down–he waits for you to answer it when he knocks. What if God is a gentleman, and so he doesn’t interrupt us when we are busy answering the question we are “asking” him?
    Michael Vuke recently posted..Caged by Impotence

    • Thanks for the feedback, Michael. Another perspective I’ve been taking is re-thinking what it means for God to order our steps. I’ve always assumed that to mean that we wait, He speaks, then we take a step. But I’m starting to think that maybe sometimes he’s waiting for us to take a single step in a direction. Then he orders our steps by confirming the direction or helping us redirect our course.

      • Oh, I like that, and it is true. To pull from my own life, I was praying about some job decisions, and felt like God was giving me the green light to pursue two different courses of action (either stay or leave). Once I chose which one to pursue, He started to bring things into place as I began to take those steps.

        I think we create a lot of false pressure because “one of these is the next step God wants me to take”, when in reality, many times there is a whole slew of “next steps” God has available for us, and we just have to start moving.
        Michael Vuke recently posted..Caged by Impotence

        • YES! That’s exactly what I’ve been learning. My wife just decided to move to another state and the choice was between staying where we’ve been with church and friends and family and moving to a new place with none of that other stuff but a lot of opportunity and adventure. I felt like neither choice was right or wrong per se, just two good options in different ways.

          When I think about God actually giving us the liberty to make our own choices, it opens up so much freedom. At first it was scary because I didn’t want to be “out of His will”. But then a friend told me that God doesn’t have my life mapped out for me and then get happy or disappointed when I chose His decisions or my own. He encouraged me that God was more concerned that I had the right “heart” rather than the right “decisions”. It was challenging but something I’m starting to really let sink in.

          • It’s such a mental shift: we’ve trained ourselves to think of the “straight and narrow way” as an actual path our life must follow instead of the mental state of mind/relationship that it is.

            An old mentor of mine was talking to me about why I wasn’t “hearing from God” when I was asking Him questions. He said, “Maybe you are being way to specific, Michael. Asking God if you should do X is like asking me if I’ve stopped beating my red-haired wife when I can only say yes or no.

            If I say “yes” I’ve indicated that I used to beat her, if I say “no” I’m implying that I still do. It’s not even a valid question! My wife has brown hair, not red. If you allowed me to talk more/actually listened I might be able to explain this, but you’ve limited my answers to such a narrow view that the best response is to not give one.”
            Michael Vuke recently posted..Caged by Impotence

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