404 Finding The Adventure In Ministry

Finding The Adventure In Ministry

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It takes a unique person to be a missionary. If you’re a missionary and you’re not overseas, you’ll struggle. Your mind will wander to a life abroad. You’ll ache for the ministry God has put in your heart.

My wife and I we’re in that position not too long ago. We had a good life in America but our hearts were not content. We had everything: good jobs, great apartment, awesome friends, and a great church. It wasn’t enough. We talked about it every week. We just wanted to be back in missions. We had it all but we didn’t have what our hearts desired: an adventure with God.

Ministry should be fun. It should wire you and keep you up at night dreaming with God about how you can work with Him to love the people around you. If you love your ministry, when you come home after a tough day you’ll feel the reward. You’ll know it was worth it. With that said, I’m not saying it won’t be difficult at times, but it will be rewarding.

Since we left the comforts of our home in America, we’ve been on an adventure. In just nine months we’ll have traveled to five different nations doing ministry. We’ve done outreaches and seen God do amazing things in people lives. We’ve spoken on different occasions about our life as missionaries. We’ve got to meet some amazing people. We never know what God’s going to do next. We love it.

I run into people in ministry all the time who feel run down. They look defeated. When I hear them talk about their ministry, they sound unsatisfied and bitter. “Why has ministry beat this person down?” I ask myself. Shouldn’t ministry be something we enjoy doing?

If all you can think about is doing something other than what you’re doing now, it’s time to move on.

If the adventure is gone, it’s time to go. God doesn’t want you to fulfill your commitments if they’re going to burn you out. He’s already happy with you. You don’t have to do ministry to please Him. Think about your dreams. Do they look like your current position in ministry? If not, you have your answer. God wants you to pursue your dreams. He wants you do to what He made you to enjoy. That’s the ministry you should be going after.

So whether you’re in a season of waiting or currently in ministry, take some time to think about your position. Is it leading you to your dreams? If not, it’s time to reevaluate. Find out how you can get there, the place your heart desires. It’s just as important to God as it is to you.

Are you living an adventure with your life?

Sam Werner has been in and out of the mission field for over 10 years. He’s served with several missions organizations in several ways ranging from children’s ministry to information technology. His heart is to serve God with his life in any way that may look. He shares his experiences on his website, www.missionsmanual.com.


  1. Good stuff, Sam. We are independent missionaries. We live on month to month offerings and it is an adventure. Our four years in Paraguay have been astonishing. Our stories told from one perspective would be called a poorly written B-grade movie but from the other perspective they are a journal of the undying love of the Father.

    My wife and I can attest to your spiritual core need to be in mission work. It was like an addict going through a horrific rehab when we left the foreign field and came back to the US. Not that we didn’t love our family and our country but there was a draw, from HIM.
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  2. This ministry exists to help people understand make a decision about eternity. I understand what you feel and your wife and missionary works are great.
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