404 Shades of Gray: Social Drinking

Shades of Gray: Social Drinking

Today I’m going after what has been a hot topic in Christianity for years. Social drinking. But I’m not going to tell you what you should do about it. I’m going to tell you a story.

I’ve noticed that when gray areas are discussed, most people are looking to be told what to do. Many are not comfortable thinking for themselves and standing behind their choice. It’s much easier to just follow what everyone else is doing.

Head over to Prodigal Magazine to read my latest post titled “The Best Drink I Never Had“. I’m talking about a decision I made while out with a friend a few years ago. Hopefully it gets you thinking about how you make decisions about this topic.

I encourage you to share your thoughts here or on the post at Prodigal. The goal is to get open and honest conversation about this topic in a safe community.


  1. I agree with this statement “it’s much easier to just follow what everyone else is doing.” That is most of us doing right now in order for us can blend to the society.
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  2. Tony, my wife and I stopped social drinking about 3 years ago. And when I mean social, it was just her and me a glass of wine probably every 6 months, when we went out to eat. I’ll give you a hypothetical story as well, one that I have often use. First, I wasn’t delivered from drinking when I came to Christ. I was never really a drinker. But let’s say that I go to dinner with a newborn Christian who was delivered from alcoholism. I decide to have a glass of wine, first in 3 three years. Newborn Christian decides to get a glass of wine as well, since he just saw me doing it. Well, I believe that I have sinned, and that he has sinned. Not because drinking is a sin, but because because I encouraged, through my actions, the newborn Christian to sin, because that was his vice. That is what he had come to Christ to be delivered from.
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    • You bring up an important part of this that has to do with our conscience. If we feel what we’re doing it wrong, then it’s wrong. Regardless if it is explicitly defined sin. We have to trust ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit and when we feel that hesitation, to act on it.

  3. Tony, I really appreciate both sides of this post. I come from a family of alcoholics, and have myself struggled with addiction, so for me alcohol has always fallen into the “permissible but not profitable” category. However, I shudder every time I hear someone calling out Christians who enjoy an occasional beer. We need to learn to trust each other to work out their own faith and walk, and realize that Christianity does not come with a standard set of conduct or behavior, apart from “Follow Me”.
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  4. Tony, thanks for giving me something to chew on with this post. I, like you, don’t have a problem having a beer or glass of wine socially, but this post gave me pause. Great points, thanks for sharing the story.

    • That’s what it’s all about, Zach. I want to challenge people to think not just about their position but to be sensitive to others as well. It’s been too easy for me to just think about myself and hurt others in the process.

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