404 On Fear, Anxiety and Book Proposals

On Fear, Anxiety and Book Proposals

This week I began writing my first book proposal. The concept of this book came to me about 5 years ago but there was one reason that it’s taken me this long to get started.


In those 5 years I gave myself plenty of time to feel anxious about this project. What if what I write sucks? What if I love it but no one else does? What if I can’t get it published? 

This week I realized that my fear grew in direct proportion to the amount of excuses I made. The more excuses, the more time I had to think about worst case scenarios.

I believe if I would have started when I first had the idea, I wouldn’t have been so worried about the outcome. I would have been too busy writing and finishing my first book.

In retrospect, all the times in my life that I’ve feared failure or rejection have been amplified by my inaction. The longer I sat thinking about how bad it would be if I failed, the longer I put off doing what I had to do.

Most fear is just anxiety. Anxiety is worrying about something that hasn’t happened. 

It makes no sense to let the fear of something that hasn’t happened control my life. So I’ve decided to stop being anxious. This year I’m going to finish this book. No more excuses. No more fear. It’s time to be anxious for nothing.

What do you need to stop worrying about and start doing?


  1. Good luck Tony. You can go for it.
    Sandy Vanhoey recently posted..Experience the Joys of Sex

  2. Good luck on your book. For sure many people are waiting for your upcoming book.
    Allison Ward recently posted..Use Male Enhancement Pills and Be Sexually Fulfilled

  3. Hey Man. oh yeah. Another Tony! lol GREAT man. I self published my first book last year and am getting sent off my second book today. Should have the proof in a week. If it doesn’t get accepted try Create Space and publish it yourself. Practically free. You just pay for the books at a very reduced cost. My first blessed many family members, friends, and customers. God is leading me not to use this one as a witnessing too. Great work!

  4. Props on gettin’ it done, my friend! I like it.
    Stephen Haggerty recently posted..Please don’t die, Bookstore!

  5. Tony, first of call congratulations on taking the step to writing your first book proposal. I know that my anxieties had to do whether it would be worth putting effort into something that would fail because no one would appreciate it. I’ve been more intentional in everything that I do these days. I know that I can succeed if I work hard, and put things in their proper perspective.
    Juan Cruz Jr recently posted..Leadership Excellence by Pat Williams (Book Review)

    • Thanks Juan, I know what you mean. I’ve decided that this is going worth the effort, regardless of the outcome. I know this process is going to be extremely valuable to me and if it helps one person, it will be worth it.

  6. This is a good news Tony. I hope you can publish more books in the future. Perhaps, I will follow your books and purchase it.
    Debbie Jackson recently posted..Female Enhancement Gels- Help for Women

  7. Good for you, Tone! Praying and believing with you, bro!

    We both share this ailment of fear….it’s crippled me often. I need to believe this and take action on continuing to build my non-profit for abused and neglected children. I should also add that we share the same Spirit of God – which gives us power over fear!

  8. Love this, Tony. I submitted a poem for a publication for the first time recently and realized once I received the rejection that it really didn’t hurt as badly as I anticipated for so long. I’m still standing, and I’m still a writer. I don’t know why I thought it would cripple me, but I feel a lot more free now, knowing that that first rejection didn’t actually kill me. 🙂
    bethany recently posted..Happy Birthday, Mom.

  9. Tony!

    God’s gonna use you bro, of that I have no doubt. I’ll be praying for you during this process. I’m so excited for and proud of you, man! Kick some butt!


  10. I must ask, seriously, what is your fear rooted in? Is it that doubt is choking you? Is it the accuser telling you your words will fall on deaf ears, so why bother? Is it that people might take your efforts and shred them in criticism?


    You are a son, Tony. Our Father is proud of you. He stands even now behind you, and He has His hands on your shoulders. You got this because He is giving it to you. He’s our Father. It’s what He does.

    Now go get ’em, tiger.
    Donald Borsch Jr. recently posted..The Marital Covenant: Equal Worth, Different Roles

  11. If it’s what you showed me a while back, it’ll publish. And even if it doesn’t, we’ll still read it. Same thing, right?
    Ricky Anderson recently posted..Ricky’s Olympics

    • I’m actually going in a different direction for this first one. I’ll still definitely want to do something with what I sent you awhile back. I think I have some juice on this one though.

  12. Tony! I thought you’d already written your proposal. I’m glad to hear you’re moving forward with it now. Let us know how we can support you.

    I’m in the proposal writing stage myself right now so I completely get it! I keep coming back to this idea: if I don’t write this, who will? When we believe in the importance of our message, we can’t let fear hold us back.
    HopefulLeigh recently posted..The Summer I Learned To Play Catch

  13. GUI Kerr jr says:

    You go Tony.
    I love the stuff you right. It’s deep yet simple.

  14. So proud of you, Boo. Very excited, too!

    I love your writing…and you know how picky I am. Your book could not possibly suck. And I will line up to buy the first copy.

    Cathy recently posted..In Defense of Paper Pages

  15. Awesomesauce, Tony! I can’t wait to see where this all leads for you.

    I certainly struggle with this type of fear and anxiety. For me it’s tied to perfectionism and most definitely leads to procrastination. I figure if I can’t make it perfect, then why should I try. So, I hem and haw about it for way too long, and when I finally get around to it, it’s not so bad. The worse is if I’ve wasted all my energy on the worrying and have none left for the execution. I’ve got a long list of things I need to stop worrying about and start doing. As I write that, I realize how minimally I’ve even shard that with those I’m closes to.

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