404 Daddy Issues: A Story of Forgiveness

Daddy Issues: A Story of Forgiveness

We all have daddy issues of some sort. Fathers have a tremendous responsibility and unfortunately, none of them are perfect. We’ve all lacked in one way or another be it in the form of provision, protection or identity.

The first step in the healing process is releasing forgiveness. Many of us don’t fully understand forgiveness. I know it took me years to really process what it means to forgive someone who has caused such a deep wound.

Next week I’ll be talking more about the reality of forgiveness and dispelling some myths many believe about what it means to forgive.

But nothing illustrates a concept better than telling a story. Today I wrote a story in Prodigal Magazine titled “The Day I Forgave My Father.”

I’ve never written about this before. It’s a powerful story of God doing only what He could do for a boy who lived through a lifetime of hurt because of his daddy issues.

So head over to Prodigal to read it and let me know what you think.


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