404 Dreaming Big Again

Dreaming Big Again

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When I was a kid, I had big dreams. I dreamed of being a Broadway actor. I dreamed of opening my own baseball card store. I dreamed of flying in outer space. I dreamed of creating a new town where pollution was low, where people got along, and where people were proud to live and work.

What happened to these dreams?

Maybe some of these dreams were unrealistic. Maybe some of my interests changed as life moved forward. Maybe. But maybe somewhere along the way I stopped dreaming.

It’s easy to allow the realities, pressures, and challenges of daily living to dampen our dream mechanism. We grow complacent with the status quo. We become content with puny passions.

What happened to dreaming big?
How can we reawaken our capacity and desire to dream big?

These are questions that have me STRETCHING these days. Here are some answers I’ve discovered along the journey:

1. Don’t put God in a box. Our dreams start with a definition of what is possible. When we put God in a box, we’re saying our faith is only this big – what is possible is finite. But the Bible says “with God ALL things are possible.” When we begin to grasp this concept, we open up a whole new perspective on dreaming.

2. Don’t let the haters drag you down. These are the ones who put limits on us. Those negative people who walk around with a black cloud overhead stifle our dreams. People like this tell us we can’t do it. They tell us it’s not worth the risk. They would rather sit around grumbling than getting up and doing something that matters. To combat this tendency, we need to surround ourselves with positive people – with other dreamers. The writer of Hebrews talks about the importance of meeting regularly with people who will spur us on (Hebrews 10:24-25). We need people around us who will lift us up and spur us on to bigger dreams.

3. Don’t let your dreams go by unrecorded. We all have thoughts and ideas that come in and out of our heads. Some of our ideas are crazy, and some may seem way too big to tackle. I would encourage you to write down these thoughts and ideas. Keeping a journal of our dreams is the first step in making these dreams come true. A journal provides a place to record and to process our dreams. On the pages of a dream journal sits the sparks that could ignite the flames of major dream achievement.

4. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Finally, if you want to dream big, start today. Don’t put off dreaming and living out your dreams for another day or the perfect moment. The apostle Paul talks about making the most of every opportunity. This passage is most often attributed to sharing our faith, but I think we can also take it as a call to action – a call to dream big starting right now!

My days as a Broadway actor or a baseball card shop owner or an astronaut may be over, but I believe there’s more ahead of me than I realize. Discovering these paths starts with learning again how to dream big, having faith to take the leap, and trusting God along the way.

Time to dream big!

Are you still dreaming big? What are you dreaming about? What’s holding you back from pursuing your dreams?


Jon Stolpe is a Christ-follower, husband, dad, son, uncle, engineer, runner, writer, operations manager, adventurer, group life junkie, and the list goes on…. Jon blogs daily about life’s “Stretch Marks” at Jon Stolpe Stretched. You can also follow him on Twitter or Facebook.


  1. Dream big. Everyone must have the chance to dream high and achieve that dream. When you have a dream, pursue it and for sure happiness will be in your hands.
    Irish Catson recently posted..Smile With Confidence With These Teeth Whitening Tips

  2. Albert Wineshouse says:

    Those are really inspirational words you have spoken over there. I think I am one person who had stopped dreaming and chasing what I wanted due to meager reasons. Thanks to your blog post I am ready to start chasing my dreams again, until they come true.
    Albert Wineshouse recently posted..maxworkoutsreview.net

  3. I think so many dreams die because off putting off until tomorrow. Chasing toward our dreams is a daily task(Or it should be).

    I make it a point to always think big in terms of my dreams and goals. It keeps me focus on the steps I need to take while getting to my dreams. Wonderful post.

  4. Jon, awesome post. I live by the four principles you detail in your post, especially the last two:

    Don’t let your dreams go by unrecorded – I keep a note on the side of my bed, and I soon as I have a thought or idea, I write it down.

    Don’t wait until tomorrow – i live by the motto, if it has to be done, do it now.
    Juan Cruz Jr recently posted..Confrontation can be Healthy

  5. I’m still dreaming big, even at 45. Not sure what’s keeping me back other than not enough time and energy in the day. Thanks Jon!

  6. Hey Jon,

    I love the inspiration in this post. I agree that we all need to dream big and believe in the awesome power of God in bringing those dreams to life.

    But one place I think we often miss the mark is in thinking that just because we have a specific dream, that it’s in line with what God wants for us.

    Sometimes we can’t see that what we want for ourselves isn’t what we are meant to have. It’s hard to yield our desires to God when things start to shift away from the dream we have for ourselves.

    So I’d add…give your big dreams to God. Take steps forward in faith, and be willing to follow the path wherever it may lead, trusting that it will be good because of the One who is leading.
    Marlee recently posted..Monday Mindset Training: The Secret Truth That PREVENTS You from Achieving the Results You Want In Business and Life

  7. Great stuff! Thanks for guest posting here!
    Brandon recently posted..Pray Without Ceasing

  8. Wonderful post!
    I dream of being a published author and I am pursuing it with the grace and direction of God!

    I recently watched Soul Surfer- this post reminds me of that. She dreamed big and didn’t put God or herself in a box!
    TC Avey recently posted..Come Find Me: I’m a Guest!

  9. Greatly inspirational post, Jon! God’s desire is that we should work on those precious dreams that He laid in our hearts so that His plans will be fulfilled through our lives.
    Joe Abraham recently posted..3 A’S TO INCREASE YOUR MOMENTUM – PART I

  10. Some great thoughts, Jon. I know for a long time God wasn’t big enough in my life. Once this shifted and I began to believe that He could do all He said He could do, my life and my dreams did a 180! Recognizing this truth is so important!
    Eileen recently posted..Beautiful Waves

  11. I’m starting to dream big again. And my dreams from my childhood are coming back as well.

    Dreams like my writing, the adventures I wanted to pursue, and more. It’s amazing how things can come full circle and you can start living out your dreams and never realize that they were dead dreams from your childhood.
    Joseph Lalonde recently posted..Back To School With LIFT Leadership Training Part 1

  12. I think many of us are subtly told to quit dreaming. We have to awaken it and get on dreaming the dreams God gives us.
    LarryTheDeuce recently posted..My 10 Favorite Posts


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