404 Daddy Issues: A Story Of Rejection

Daddy Issues: A Story Of Rejection

Can rejection ever be a good thing? I never thought it could but experience has taught me differently.

There is a direct correlation to a lack of protection from our fathers and a fear of rejection. In my last post, I explained how fathers are intended to teach us to take risks. When we don’t feel confident in taking risks, we learn to fear failure.

However when we learn to fail well, we can overcome the fear of rejection.

Today I’m sharing a story for Prodigal Magazine about what I learned from dealing with rejection. It’s my contribution in their “What Does It Mean To Be A Man?” series. I’m excited because it ties in well to my current series on Daddy Issues.

Head over there and read my post titled, “Dealing With Rejection“. Let me know what you think right here or in the comments over there.

How do you feel about rejection?



  1. It is really hard to experience rejection; however, we couldn’t avoid rejection ones or often in our life. It is better to be strong always so that when you encounter rejection, it will be easy for you to handle your emotion.
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  2. We must accept rejection. we learn to fail well, we can overcome the fear of rejection.Good post.
    Randall H. Forsyth recently posted..does zetaclear work

  3. Rejection sucks, but once we learn to embrace it, we can learn to be better men and women. It’s something we like to avoid like the plague. Unlike the plague, rejection doesn’t kill us. Fear of rejection will paralyze us though. Good piece on Prodigal. I enjoyed it.
    douglas recently posted..The Pursuit of Success

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