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Daddy Issues: A Story Of Rejection

Can rejection ever be a good thing? I never thought it could but experience has taught me differently. There is a direct correlation to a lack of protection from our fathers and a fear of rejection. In my last post, I explained how fathers are intended to teach us to take risks. When we don’t feel […]

Daddy Issues: Protection

I’ve never been in a fight. Well technically that’s not true. I was in two fights that both consisted of wild swinging with not a single blow landed by either side. To this day it’s safe to say that I’m a lover and not much of a fighter. My dad didn’t teach me to fight…or […]

Daddy Issues: Provision

The first foundation a father provides is provision. The ability to provide for his family is what brings life to a father and in turn brings life to his family. But provision is more than just bringing home the bacon. I recently read a great article in Psychology Today that succinctly illustrates the perils of associating […]

How I Decided To Live A Good Story

My parents divorced when I was very young. My mom remarried shortly thereafter to an Air Force man. I became a military brat and my life was thrown into a whirlwind of moving to different cities, going to different schools and constantly meeting new people. All of the change and uncertainty made me feel out […]

Daddy Issues: 3 Foundations of a Father

What was your relationship like with your father? That’s the first question I ask when dealing with issues of fear. Some immediately squirm. Others frown and cross their arms. Some smile and say that the relationship was great. But very few know the full impact of this relationship to their lives. Once you understand what […]

Daddy Issues: A Series

“Fathers be good to your daughters, daughters will love like you do.” – John Mayer When we think of “daddy issues” we’re typically referring to what’s behind the attention-seeking, flirtatious, promiscuous, overly emotional woman. In a sense there is truth to this generalization but daddy issues aren’t only reserved for women or even these specific […]

More Than Motivation

From Tony: Today’s guest post is from my friend Juan Cruz. If you’re interested in guest posting, click here. Do you want to live an exceptional life? Exceptional living can take various forms. It might be writing the book, you’ve always dreamed of. Digging wells in Africa. Traversing the Appalachian trial. Feeding the hungry in […]

Dreaming Big Again

From Tony: This is a guest post by Jon Stople. If you are interested in submitting a guest post, click here. When I was a kid, I had big dreams. I dreamed of being a Broadway actor. I dreamed of opening my own baseball card store. I dreamed of flying in outer space. I dreamed […]