404 Pregnant With Expectancy

Pregnant With Expectancy

A friend of mine is pregnant. I mean really pregnant. Like, feet swollen to twice their normal size and assigned to bed rest by her doctor, pregnant. Every time we speak she says the same thing. I just want this baby to come already!

Pregnant With Expectancy

I can’t possibly understand what she’s going through. I am confident that if you needed further proof to believe that women can sustain pain long term better than men, just look at pregnancy. I would have tapped out in the first trimester. I HATE throwing up!

I’m praying that this process is over for her soon. And yet at the same time, I know that it can’t be over too soon. The baby has to come to full term before she’s ready to enter into this world. If she were born as soon as the pain began, she wouldn’t have survived.

Enlarged In The Waiting

Even amidst morning sickness, discomfort, swelling, back pain and everything else associated with pregnancy, my friend knows that a miracle is being formed inside of her.

This is her second child and I know she takes comfort in the fact that as soon as her baby comes, she will have forgotten about all the struggles of the past 9 months. The miracle of childbirth will outweigh all of the pain and discomfort of the process.

This what I have to remember in my own life. 

Everything of purpose has a process. Nothing of significance happens overnight. The greater the purpose, the more intense the process.

The Message translates Romans 8:24-25 like this:

That is why waiting does not diminish us, any more than waiting diminishes a pregnant mother. We are enlarged in the waiting. We, of course, don’t see what is enlarging us. But the longer we wait, the larger we become, and the more joyful our expectancy.

Waiting is part of the process. When things seem to get more difficult in the waiting, I know that it means that something huge is being formed inside of me.

There is a temptation to induce at first signs of struggle. Too many times I interpret struggle as an indication that I’m doing something wrong. However the more difficult the situation, the more I can learn from it.

Every difficulty is an opportunity to form endurance and character. These two traits produce the key to seeing the process through to the end. They produce hope. And hope does not put us to shame (Rom. 5:3-5).

If I give up at the first signs of struggle, the very thing that is forming inside of me will be aborted. Instead of giving birth to life, I give birth to disappointment.

But as I persevere and the trials get bigger, I am enlarged in the waiting. Just like my friend, I know that what is forming in me will be miraculous.

When I focus on the pain, I lose sight of what is coming. But when I embrace the process, my waiting becomes expectant…joyfully expectant.

When my friend sees her baby for the first time, I know she’ll be reassured that all the pain was worth it.

It doesn’t make waiting shorter, but a change in perspective will shift it from frustration to expectancy.

What are you waiting for?
Are you in need of a perspective shift right now? 


  1. During pregnancy, a pregnant woman will encounter morning sickness, discomfort, back pain and a lot more of frustrations that a pregnant woman will experience yet after undergoing all these issues for sure an enjoyment will take place after seeing her baby.
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  2. Your friend just needs to be patient. When her baby pops out she will feel very happy for sure.
    Lee recently posted..In-Depth Look at Warts Removal, Plantar Warts, and Laser Tag

    • Bernard Ramos says:

      I agree with you Lee. It is a bit hard happy for the ladies carrying the baby but the real joy comes after the baby is born. She will truly love every moment after that.
      Bernard Ramos recently posted..Shin Ohtake review

  3. Oh how I relate to your friend, Tony! I didn’t get as bad as she is…being commissioned to bed rest…but the swollen ankles and some problems toward the end of my pregnancy had me screaming the same words for weeks…”get the kiddo out of me now!” But I knew deep down, I wanted him to be healthy and at least as close to full term as possible…if not full term. And when it came time for him to arrive, it was definitely time…but he was faced the wrong way for 14 hours and I didn’t progress at all. Also, the epidural didn’t take…and in order to maintain health for me and our son, a c-section was performed.

    This is merely my birth story in brief…but one thing I honestly resonated with in this post as this statement:

    “There is a temptation to induce at first signs of struggle.”

    I wanted to get him out weeks before I even went into labor…but I knew it wouldn’t be right. And thankfully, I tried with all my might that God gave me to give birth naturally…but alas, I didn’t. But I still wound up with a healthy baby boy…and in less than a week, he will be 4 years old! And mercy, is he ALL BOY! haha Oh my gosh! Healthy, vibrant, growing like a weed and of course (a parent’s bias here) he is smart as a whip! 🙂

    Everything, you are right, has a process…and it’s in the waiting it hurts the most. The beginnings are fun, the ending re sad, but it’s in the middle where it counts the most (and often times, we overlook this too easily because we always want it to either be all good…or nothing at all). I say (even as much as I buck it at times)…give me the stuff in the middle, even when it hurts…because that is where I find “me”…the one He made me to be. 🙂
    Marni Arnold recently posted..Be Yourself

  4. Good post, Tony.

    I’m definitely in need of some perspective change right now, got a lot going on.

    A thought popped in my head as I was reading this: what’s the difference between the fear of failure and the fear of success? If they are successful at keeping you from the task at hand, there is no difference.

    “Thanks! I needed that!”

  5. I so agree. I think hardships are a necessary and vital element in not only our life, but our faith as well. Without hardship we wouln’t have anything to look forward to. As for what I am waiting for…I don’t know what it is, but it’s not too far off as I once imagined.
    Ed recently posted..Givenchy Two-Button Wool Jacket

    • That’s the biggest perspective shift I’ve had. When I realize that hardships are necessary, I can allow them to build my endurance and shape my character. Because of the difficulties I’ve overcome in the past, it gives me hope for all ones I face in the future.

  6. The past three years have been key in shifting my perspective from seeing hardships as a sign I’m doing something wrong to realizing they are just part of the process. I almost laugh now when hardships come, because I know what the enemy might be trying to use to discourage and stop me is actually being used to grow me closer to God. Amazing how that works.
    Jason Vana recently posted..Becoming Like Christ

    • Yeah man. I’m learning that just because I’m doing the right thing, doesn’t mean there won’t be hardships. It helps me push through and prevent me from aborting a promise before it’s ready.

  7. I have been in desperate need of a perspective shift. 🙂 Thankfully to my husband, I got one.

    Relationships with others is a vital part of helping each other “carry to term” so to speak. Pregnant mothers need rest, nurtrition, exercise, assistance, and mental, physical, and moral support as they grow this miracle inside them. The further along they get, the more help they need.

    It makes me think of the story of when Aaron and Hur held Moses arms when he got tired of holding them up so that Israel could win the war(Exodus 17:12). They didn’t just hold his arms for him, they gave him a stone to sit on so that he didn’t have to stand anymore.

    It is essential that we have people in our lives that we can trust and count on to help us keep perspective of the promise we are carrying; to hold our arms as we get tired. We weren’t made to carry these things alone. When he isolate and try to carry our dreams or our struggles on our own, we eventually get overwhelmed or tired.

    We need community and relationships, or we will be too weak to carry our God given dreams to term. I am so very thankful for my husband, and friends, and family. They remind me of who I am and my purpose. They hold my arms up so that I can fulfill the purpose that only I can fulfill. They give me perspective so that I don’t think about the hardships, but remember God’s love, blessings, and presence in my life.
    Katie Alicea recently posted..My Funny Valentine…

    • I’m so thankful for you. Every time we get through a new situation, I see how genius God was to put us together. We make each other better, stronger, faster, smarter, handsomer!

      You are my absolute favorite.

  8. Great thought, Tony. Sometimes the most painful things in life birth the most beautiful results.

    You also reminded me of the first night in the hospital after my son was born. It was so weird to not be pregnant anymore. A part of me felt so empty. I was no longer “pregnant with anticipation” The miracle had arrived. It took some getting used to. But, of course, the joy of finally having my son here did take over!
    Eileen Knowles (@cupojoegirl) recently posted..A Legacy of Hope

  9. I appreciate the reminder that persevering is worth it, and that if I “induce” early I’m missing out on God’s best. Love the analogy, though now any time I have to persevere through trials I’m going to worry about getting pregnant…

  10. I like this: “If I give up at the first signs of struggle, the very thing that is forming inside of me will be aborted. Instead of giving birth to life, I give birth to disappointment.”

    We are all about finding the quickest and easiest way to achieve our goals, but I think the key to success in most things in life is just putting in the time. Putting in the time at the gym to achieve success in your health, putting in the time with your spouse to achieve marital success, etc. We can expedite some things but the most important things in life are going to require some time, effort, and labor.

    I love how you said that the minute she gives birth the suffering will be wiped away, because that is so very true. I had one of those ridiculously long labors with my firstborn, and the entire time I was swearing he would be an only child, we would just have to adopt if we wanted more. Of course, the minute I heard that scream I could only think of the victory of his new life, and not of the agony of the process.

    Such a great post, Tony!
    Nikki Weatherford recently posted..The little "Ace" inside of me

    • Absolutely! We try to microwave our faith and when we try to induce, we are disappointed at the result.

      And thank you for sharing your experience. It just affirms it in my heart!

  11. My first kid was overdue – by my timing, not hers or God’s. I tried to make her come out – drank Castor Oil. Word to the wise, that makes SOMETHING come out, it feels like it makes EVERYTHING come out, but not necessarily the baby.

    What you said about inducing too soon brings back very vivid memories and that gives me even more reason to be patient until the time comes to give birth.
    kristinherdy recently posted..The Peg Diminuendo: Pride goeth before my fall

  12. I can never forget when my wife was pregnant with our first child. It was so awesome (hey, I didn’t have morning sickness, so it was for me). One of the things she shared with me was that she never felt “not pregnant”. She was always aware that there was a miracle inside her and that brought hope and expectation of something GREAT. I think it’s the same with us. We are pregnant with hope that something greater is coming for us. The revealing of our King who will come for his bride. I can’t wait until that time. Maranatha!

    Oh, and I hate waiting like most people. But I learned that patience has it’s benefits… kingdom benefits.
    Moe recently posted..Disciples Fail

  13. I am not a fan of waiting. I would just as soon have the answer NOW than to keep waiting for the answer to come. I am waiting for clear direction about some decisions I need to make.
    bill (cycleguy) recently posted..Adoption

  14. “It doesn’t make waiting shorter, but a change in perspective will shift it from frustration to expectancy.” I like that. I’m gonna have to wait anyway. Why make it worse by choosing to stay frustrated? Expectancy sounds so much better! Thanks!
    TJ recently posted..Today

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