404 Uncover Lies To Discover Identity

Uncover Lies To Discover Identity

There are few things that give me joy like seeing someone experience freedom in their life. I love to see others discover their identity in Christ and be changed forever by the truth of who they are in Him. But the biggest obstacle in reaching that place of freedom is dealing with the lies that keep us stuck.


Walking in our identity is not just a matter of acquiring information, it is a matter of changing our core beliefs. More information is not the answer. If it was, this generation would be thriving like no other. It’s not enough to know truth. We must believe it.

Our beliefs are shaped by our experiences. Because we live in a fallen world, all of us have had experiences that skewed our view of God. There are two types of experiences that influence our perception. There are experiences in which we actively participate and those which we passively participate.

When we are exposed to sin, we become either captives or prisoners based on our participation. This is a key element of understanding how to rightly deal with the core lies we come to believe.

Captives & Prisoners

Captives were passive participants in sin. They had wrongs perpetrated on them against their will or in ignorance. They are collateral damage in the destructive decisions and actions of others. Because of this damage inflicted upon them, they may act out in sinful behavior but it is always a reaction to wounding.

Prisoners on the other hand have actively chosen to sin. They become imprisoned until they have paid for their offense. Prisoners continue to live as inmates even after they are told that the offense has been paid. They create self-made prisons in their mind that keep them confined.

There are two core lies that we come to believe by becoming either captives or prisoners.

Core Lie #1: Victimization

Captives are victims and in turn form a victim mentality. The fruit of a victimized mentality are: powerlessness, fear, feeling tainted, hopelessness and confusion. Victims struggle to understand why things have happened to them. They live in fear and feel that they have been tainted and are no longer valuable. Their victimization becomes their identity. Ironically, victims tend to perpetuate to others the very hurt they have experienced.

Core Lie #2: Rejection

Prisoners experience rejection as they fall from grace and in turn form a mentality of rejection. The fruit of a rejected mentality are: shame, disaffirmation and abandonment. Prisoners take on an identity of rejection and shame. They become stuck in a lifestyle of feeling punished and unworthy.

Prisoners have a difficult time seeing themselves as forgiven and many times put themselves in a position to sabotage relationships that believe the best in them. They will seek those that affirm their self-perception of worthlessness.

Finding Freedom

Until these core lies are dealt with, we become predisposed to make wrong choices due to the foundations that have been laid. But there is hope!

Jesus makes this prophetic declaration in Isaiah 61:1:

“The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, because the LORD has anointed me to bring good news to the afflicted; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to captives and freedom to prisoners.”

Did you see that at the end? Jesus knew that there would be both captives and prisoners in need of rescue. Jesus was sent to bring us freedom!

But knowledge is not enough. Our lives do not change by simply reading a passage. In fact, this is a point of frustration for many Christians because they read this good news but never experience it. So where do we start?

Releasing Forgiveness

The best place to begin exposing the lies we believe is by extending forgiveness to the foundational relationships in our life. When we release those that perpetrated sin upon us, we also release ourselves from the bondage that enslaves us. When we release ourselves, we release the grace of God to set us free. But true forgiveness isn’t just excusing our sins or the sins of others. Forgiveness is simply removing the blame. Honest and effective forgiveness can only come by the power of Holy Spirit.

Forgiveness brings us one step closer to exposing the lies we have constructed in our minds. Only then can we uncover the truth.

The truth that we are sons and daughters. The truth that we are righteous in His sight. The truth that we are loved, just as we are, just as we were, while we were still sinners. The truth that we are no longer sinners, but saints.

When we expose the lies, our false foundations crumble. It’s a scary place at first but we rebuild on a solid foundation. It is then that we discover the truth of our identity in Him. It is then that we discover the freedom that we all long for.


To study this topic more in depth, I highly recommend the book Freedom Tools by Andy Reese.


  1. This is pretty powerful stuff, Tony. Thank you!
    Sandy Sandmeyer recently posted..God is Love

  2. Diggin’ it, Tony! I’m finding so much of unforgiveness to be wrapped up in this lie of victimization and holding grudges that end up only hurting ourselves. How liberating it is to let it go and forgive. Thanks!

  3. You hit the nail on the head Tony – the realization is key but even the harder part is getting people through the forgiveness process. To me personally and from me – a guy who worked in counseling for years – that is the hardest part. People can make the connection but to do the forgiving is hard and a stuck point for many. Keep these posts coming!
    Jim F recently posted..From the Heart of a Pastor’s Wife

    • Thanks Jim. I’ve learned so much about forgiveness in the past year! It’s truly been healing and life-changing. It’s amazing how immobile we become in our walk with God due to unforgiveness in our hearts.

  4. I like what you wrote at the end about releasing forgiveness. Christ did say that if we do not forgive others, our heavenly Father would not forgive us. A basic reality that is so hard to master, yet is essential.

    • It’s so simple in theory but like I said in an earlier comment, I think too many of us have an improper understanding of forgiveness. I hope to write more about that soon.

  5. Great post Tony
    Keep it coming!
    Chris Lautsbaugh recently posted..It’s Not Too Late

  6. Great thoughts – I love this. Forgiving and releasing forgiveness are not the same thing.
    Cindy Holman recently posted..Happy 3rd Anniversary To My Blog!

    • I think a lot of people have a poor understanding of true forgiveness. So they say they forgive someone that hurt them but really it’s just “excusing” and there is never true healing. You can never excuse someone and be able to release them.

  7. Great post Tony – love when you blog on identity 🙂

    You said: “Walking in our identity is not just a matter of acquiring information, it is a matter of changing our core beliefs”

    So for me – in order to differentiate between what it means to live out your ID in Christ and what it means simply to go through CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) – I have had to really cull this statement to go one level deeper – that our beliefs/values/and resulting behavior can only change once we have fully embraced God’s ID in us. And that our beliefs will change ONLY through the power of the HS actively working through us, helping us to surrender to Christ so that Christ can live more fully through us.

    As we have Christ’s life literally living more fully through us… then we will get to see and experience our ID in Christ experientially, and that will in turn begin to change our beliefs.

    To me, beliefs come from something different and can’t just “be changed” – that is just CBT pulled into the Christian sphere… but I would love your thoughts on this as I just haven’t quite figured out how to express my own understanding of this… did any of that make sense? 🙂
    Jenny recently posted..Monday Weigh In | Humor is the Spice of life… and diets…

    • I totally agree with what you said here. I don’t think we’re saying something different at the core of it.

      I believe it’s a 3 step process. Information, Revelation, Transformation. First you need the truth. Then Holy Spirit gives you revelation of that truth in a new or deeper dimension. Then that revelation leads to transformation (experientially) in our lives.

      What I’m addressing here is that you can’t even really get past the information of the truth and get the real revelation until you expose the lies that you have believed in your life.

  8. As someone who dealt with rejection and victimization, I’ve seen how hard it is to break free. Christ does give us freedom, but it’s a battle to retrain our minds to view ourselves the way He sees us. Memorizing scripture about who we are in Him, standing in the mirror and telling myself who I am in Him, and recognizing and renouncing those lies as they popped into my head all helped. It took years though, because I was trying to correct 21 years of bad thinking.
    Jason Vana recently posted..Deeper: Your Identity is Set

    • I absolutely hear you, man. That’s why we absolutely have to depend on Holy Spirit for our freedom. Part of what I do in my church is what we call an Encounter. It’s a Spirit-led prayer walk, most focused on releasing forgiveness to the foundational relationships in our lives.

      I’ve seen so much freedom come in just 2 hours of prayer. It’s amazing! But healing isn’t just a one-time event. It’s a daily process of transforming our mind, rejecting lies and embracing truth.

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