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Uncover Lies To Discover Identity

There are few things that give me joy like seeing someone experience freedom in their life. I love to see others discover their identity in Christ and be changed forever by the truth of who they are in Him. But the biggest obstacle in reaching that place of freedom is dealing with the lies that […]

Why We All Need Participation Trophies

I played a lot of sports as a kid. I was a perennial all-star in both basketball and baseball up until high school. I had a shelf full of trophies displaying all of my accomplishments. A trophy I never had on my shelf was a participation trophy. No thank you. It occurs to me that […]

Confusing Criticism For Failure

I long for validation. I’m not talking about kind words from an acquaintance. I’m talking about weighty validation from someone I respect. But many times I sabotage a compliment before it can even come. Have you ever created something that you loved and then felt like you hated it? I’ve actually apologized for my creativity. […]

On Failure and Hope

There’s a video on YouTube of a dad recording a little boy after riding his bike for the first time. The boy is so excited he can barely get his words out to describe how he feels. His dad encourages him to share some wisdom with others and the boy proceeds to give one of […]

The Anti-Resolution

If you’re like me, you have probably already OD’d on hearing about New Year’s Resolutions or the One Word of the year. I’m pretty sure I read my body weight in blog posts about these subjects. It’s all good and very ambitious. But what would it look like to have an anti-resolution for the year? […]