404 Dreaming Awake

Dreaming Awake

I’ve written a lot about dreaming. I even started a series called Awaken The Dreamers a few months ago. It’s a been a significant focus for me this year. I wanted to use the series to encourage myself and others. I even contemplated writing a book about it. Then I stopped writing about dreaming all together.

Honestly, I got tired of talking about it. You can only theorize for so long before you start to question if the idea is really possible in your own life.

Today all that changes. Today I became a Quitter.

Moments ago I submitted my resignation letter. I’m leaving my day job. The one that lets me work 9-5 with weekends off and paid holidays. The one that pays me (relatively) well and provides great benefits. I just gave it all up.


Because I’ve been offered another job. A part-time job. A job that pays 1/3 of what I was making. A job that provides my family no benefits.

Again, why?

Because I’ve been offered my dream job. And big dreams are risky.

Starting in January, I will be going on staff at my church. There couldn’t be a position more custom designed for my skills and passions.

I will be handling communications. I’ll be writing, a lot. I’ll be composing emails to the church. I’ll be creating copy for the website, blog, print materials and social media. I’ll also be doing some basic IT work in the office. I’ll be overseeing the book store and researching new resources to provide to our community. There’s even talks of helping to start a book publishing company!

I am both thrilled and terrified.

There’s a big risk with this step. The pay isn’t great and isn’t even guaranteed. I just got married and I’ll be depending on my wife’s income to get us through this initial transition. We’ve minimized the risk as much as possible by cutting down our monthly bills, paying off all our debt and putting some money away in savings. Still, it’s a huge leap of faith.

Yet I am absolutely convinced that this is what I was born to do. As much as I felt successful in the sense that others would in corporate America, I didn’t feel that my skills and passions were connected in my current job. It began reflecting in my work and my motivation has been dwindling for the past few years.

I had to ask myself “Why am I working here?“. I had to face some tough answers. I had to determine that I wasn’t going to just “keep doing this for a little while longer.” It was time to make a decision.

The process began about 6 months ago when I was approached with the opportunity by my pastor. I prayed about it, discussed it with my then fiancé, prayed some more and then decided. Once I made the decision, everything began falling into place.

Awakening The Dreamer

When I was writing about dreaming, I understood that it wasn’t enough to just write about it. Yet, I was writing about it without applying it. As much as I loved what I wrote, I knew that my words didn’t carry the weight of experience.

There’s a phrase that me and my friends growing up used to say all the time:

“Stop talking about it and be about it”

There’s only so much you can say about something that you haven’t lived. I knew it was time to stop talking about it until I had my own story to tell. I decided I had to be about it before I started writing about it again.

Today my story begins. Today I dream with my eyes open.

What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?


  1. Amanda McK says:

    Dear friend, this is an incredible post! I am so encouraged and so excited!! We never know unless we try, right?! I cannot wait to see how this all unfolds, 2012 is a mystery to many of us. May you enjoy the ride, knowing your bride is by your side. 🙂 Wow, I’m so encouraged by the fruit of your life my brother!

  2. Benson Rivera says:

    Tony, if you are calling it a risk, maybe it is. But let us just put it this way, serving in a church is serving with God. No man could say, serving God is a risk, instead it’s a pleasure. Just believe and hold on into your faith and he will do the rest. God bless and Good luck on your new job!
    Benson Rivera recently posted..My Arowana Is Not Eating No Matter What I Do !!!

    • Thanks so much, Benson. I totally agree that serving God is never a risk. How you choose to do it sometimes is though. That said, I’m confident that this is what He has for me and since making the decision, I’m already learning a ton about faith.

  3. Man, talk about late to the party.

    Congratulations! I am thrilled to read this exciting news. My spirit did back flips when I read this post as I feel to my core that this is what you are created to do and you will never be satisfied until you are doing it.

    I have had a stirring in my spirit for a while about the needs of the hungry and homeless and never found any resolution on what to do with it. In the last few weeks, I began praying intently for how to proceed. A few timely events unfolded around me that really began to show me how to move. I have had a couple long productive talks with a friend who leads a very effective ministry for women that has been trying to address the local hungry as well. Talked with a couple respected mentors. Read the Dream Giver. More intent praying and it begins. I changed the emphasis of my MBA to Public Administration so I can take nonprofit management courses for my upper level electives. Today, my wife and I begun the paperwork and applications to form a faith-based nonprofit to eliminate hunger in our county. We will be working to coordinate and support the existing food ministries in the county and to grow what is currently operating.

    I feel a peace in my soul that this is what I was created to do, and I finally am beginning to do it.

    God Bless you my brother. I am praying that He blesses you in your new ministry.


  4. This is fantastic. Congrats Tony!
    dustin recently posted..Listen Here You Spoiled Little…

  5. Big ups for that, Tony! I love it. Can’t wait to hear updates about God’s provision and how you’re able to continue becoming who He’s called you to be (I’m always asking the question, “will I ever get there?” 🙂 I’m starting to think not, as He wants to constantly stretch and grow us into His craftsmanship). Congrats on the job move!

    • Thanks Stephen. Not a week later and I’ve already learned another lesson. I’m planning to write about it next week.

      I know what you mean about that question but I don’t think we’ll ever “get there”. Then again, that’s even more exciting to me because I’ll never be bored!

  6. The biggest risk was definitely when we moved out here to Colorado to help start a church. It was such a risk but paid huge dividends. 🙂
    jackalopekid recently posted..I Want to Know You

    • Ahh…I can imagine. Being a part of a church plant is always a leap of faith. One that I understand is an awesome experience. I hope to be a part of something like that one day as well!

  7. By the way, WOW at your traffic. You’re doing something right, my friend. 🙂
    Bryan Thompson recently posted..Why This Christmas Will Change Everything!

  8. Tony, wow. What a post. And what an experience! I commend you for jumping on the bandwagon of your dreams. True. A lot of people would tell you to be careful. But no one needs to tell you that. You have a good head on your shoulders. I have been in this boat, too. Trust me, you’ll find a way to bring in money. In actuality, what you really discover is that making “real money” rarely comes from your day job. That being the case, jump at the chances to live your dream! (You’d do it for free if it came to it, because you love it that much!) Congrats on your new job!

    I’ve seemingly fallen off the earth but I’m back online. Glad to be back. I’ve missed the conversations on your blog, Tony. And the place looks great! I’m digging the Standard Theme. 🙂
    Bryan Thompson recently posted..Why This Christmas Will Change Everything!

    • Thanks for the words of wisdom, Bryan. Honestly, we’re not even worried about money. We’re not being reckless but we also know that if we’re going to jump out in faith, we can’t wait until we have the net firmly fastened under us because we’ll always give ourselves the credit rather than God.

      Good to have you back man!

  9. This is awesome, T!!! so so glad for your next steps! wow!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

    I have been taking big risks in moving to Nashville, still job searching, and just trying to make my dreams happen. No idea what that will look like, or how it will play out!

    Cups up to faith risks!
    Tracee recently posted..Oneword2011 Wrap UP!

  10. The biggest leap of faith I ever took was deciding to leave home for a year (which turned into three) to travel with the African Children’s Choir. It was AWESOME.

    Good luck on your new path!

  11. What a huge step of faith. I know God will reward you for making the right choice. Praying for you man. My wife and I took a risk when moving to Cali almost 2 years ago. We know it was a God thing and have seen the many benefits from stepping out in faith.
    Dan Black recently posted..5 Ways to be an unpopular leader

  12. Can I just say that when I first read this post, I didn’t want to think about applying this? I immediately closed it and distracted myself with something else.

    Well, the biggest risk I’ve taken, most recently, was just this past weekend, in letting go of a full-time ministry opportunity to wait for something else, which is not currently in my radar. This means I’m staying put, in a job that is NOT my heartbeat. Will my trust in God hold firm, even though I’m back to ground zero, so to speak? Yes…yes it will. God is faithful. He has created me in His way and He is the One who has called me into ministry. He will provide.

    But it was still hard to let go.
    I suppose, in a way, my story is opposite of yours. 🙂
    Mindy recently posted..Weekend snippets

    • The fact that your story is opposite of mine is the beauty of it. We don’t all have the same focus or passion or giftings. We don’t all have to work in the church.

      Honestly, the fact that I’m working in the church isn’t even really my dream. It’s what I’m doing and who it’s for. It could be completely secular but still be my passion.

      God is definitely faithful, Mindy. I’m praying He leads you exactly where you need to be.

  13. Jonathan B says:

    It’s interesting just how many of us have an “I quit my job” story in response to this. I do too. I was working part-time on a contract basis with a business, which was providing the sole income for our family at that point since my dad an I had both had companies close out from under us in the same year and I was the only one that had found steady work at that point. Then came a day the boss came to me and told me that he couldn’t have me on part-time anymore, that I would either have to go full-time or not at all. My leap of faith was deciding to turn down the guaranteed job and come home to try to make a go of a home business with no customers.

    It’s been more than five years now, and we’ve never been rich. We’ve been better off and worse off than before, in different seasons. But the Lord has always provided.

    In a particularly bad point of our journeys with unemployment after my dad and I had both lost our work, we actually did not have money for groceries. In my prayers, I lifted up Psalm 37:25 to the Lord, “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his offspring begging bread.”

    The thing about God, besides being a loving and faithful God, is that He has a sense of humor. A couple of days after I held this verse up to Him as a promise we needed fulfilled, a little old lady who was a friend of a friend turned up on our doorstep. And what did she bring? A big bag of day-old bread from a fresh bread store that threw out or gave away whatever didn’t sell. You’ll find out if you’re going to swallow your pride or let your pride swallow you when a little old lady turns up to bring you food. So what did we have to eat? Bread. And it wasn’t even cheap bread; this was expensive name brands mostly. Every few days, she’d turn up with more bread. Pretty soon, we had more bread than we could eat and started sharing with another family going through unemployment. Then another. We had more bread than we knew what to do with, and it stayed that way till we finally had an income again. “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his offspring begging bread.” God decided to come out and be literal with us, I think, so there was no denying that it was His provision. He not only gave us food, but laughter and encouragement and an opportunity to help others from our bounty.

  14. Ask Katie about my stance on barefoot and happy!

  15. I think you have forgotten about the time this gives you to blog what you believe in, write that novel that will become a National Best Seller, and snuggle with your beautiful wife! Good Luck Tony!

  16. Tony, this is inspiring to me. I am in a moment in my own life where I am wanting to figure out “what am I doing this all for?”

    I don’t work a regular paid job. My job is at home…focused on raising & homeschooling our son and taking care of my family. I then have my online schooling and my writing. To say the least…I do work, I am just not paid monetarily. Yet, it’s in my own schooling where my bemusement has been stemming from.

    “Why am I doing what am I doing? What is the purpose of all of this? What is God going to call me to do with it?”

    My major is merely a Bachelors of Science in Religion. I dropped my minor of Christian Counseling this summer after a peace coming over my spirit to do such…and simply to just focus on getting my degree, and embrace that my ministry is writing (not counseling). Since that decision, it has been one thing after another coming up against me to prompt me to doubt that was the correct decision…but time and time again, He keeps reminding me it was (through whatever device He can use to grab my attention).

    I am pressing through this barrier…for I have hit it before. I hit it when I quit college the first time…and vowed never to go back. Yet, here I am…in college and facing the very same giant I came to years ago and fled from in cowardice.

    I will finish my degree. I will see through this ambiguity. And I will stop seeking to try and figure this all out now. He has this…just as He has every aspect of your life in the dream he has given you to live out. I am proud of you for taking such a bold step of faith in this journey He has given you to walk out. He will bless it, has He already is. I am honored to know you through our connection online Tony. Your posts, your heart, inspire me…and confirm to me that the message I got this summer was the very one I needed to heed for my own life. Thank you.
    Marni Arnold recently posted..My oneGIFT 2012

    • I love the determination and resolve in your words. I know that you will finish your degree and get the clarity and direction you need.

      I know for me it was just about putting the fear and doubts to the side and just trusting in the opportunities that were before me.

      I’m glad this encouraged you. God is so good!

    • Jonathan B says:

      Very well said, Marni.

  17. What an exciting thing, Tony! I’m so happy for you. I know that I look forward to going to my dream job every day, so I know you’ll love it. If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life. 🙂 Congratulations!
    Sandy Sandmeyer recently posted..Labels Lie

  18. \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

    *standing ovation*
    *praising God*

    Squeeeeee! Proud of you brother!
    Jenny recently posted..A New Take on the Blues | Smile

  19. Hi Tony, I was really blessed when I read your post. I can totally relate to the way you are feeling because more than three years ago, the Lord called me out of my banking job to serve Him full-time in the ministry. Like you, I also had to take a pay cut and make some sacrifices but it has been totally worth it. The Lord has blessed me way more than what I deserve and it has been an amazing experience!

    I just wanted to confirmed to you what you already know, that you are going to be in for such an amazing adventure. It will be difficult at times but the Lord will bring you through it 🙂

  20. I’m excited for you! Good for you for taking that first step, scary as it is. Also, I know I’m not the first to mention it, but I love that Katie is so supportive of you.

    I guess I would say the biggest risk I’ve taken was leaving a full-time job after six years to go back to school. Still in the middle of school, but I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I don’t regret any of it. (Hopefully I’ll still say that once I start teaching.)
    jenn recently posted..Conversations with Shiloh

    • Wow that is a big one, Jenn. That’s exciting that your getting close to the end. I know you will feel a huge sense of accomplishment when you finish. I’m sure it will be worth it when you get in the classroom!

  21. Congratulations on pursuing your dream! If more people pursued their true dream whatever that would be I think people would be more passionate and joyful, particularly in matters of faith and making a difference in the world.

    • Absolutely! I don’t think you can really change the world if what you’re doing always feels like work. I’m all about working hard but if I can’t connect it to what I’m passionate about, I won’t have the grace to sustain long term.

      Thanks for stopping by, Thomas.

  22. Took a step of faith really similar a year and a half ago to pretty much do the same thing. It’s a scary one, but a great one too! Enjoy the ride man!
    Jonathan Pearson recently posted..How to Publish An Ebook for Free

  23. Congrats on the new gig Tony. You’ll do great.

    Before I came on board with FaithVillage, I worked at a church for six years. Wouldn’t have traded that time for anything, but life (or God) has a way of getting you to where you need to be.

    And there are tons of great church comm folks on the internet.

    All the best—hope you keep blogging too!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Blake. I’ll definitely continue writing. I’m looking forward to getting back into the rhythm of writing on this blog on a consistent basis.

      I’ve taken a sabbatical of sorts since getting married. It’s been worth the break though!

  24. That’s awesome, Tony! Very happy for you guys….

    I completely relate on the tension between working in the world and wanting to be involved in ministry. 20 years ago when I started in my profession, I thought it would be cool to own my own business someday and work 1/2 time on that and spend 1/2 my time on ministry related stuff. Right now, I’m sort of at that point — the company let me go 6 months ago and I’m trying to head out on two paths concurrently… err, trying to work on two different goals while on one path?

    Bravest thing I’ve done? 16 years ago, I tried the self-employed thing once before with an entrepreneurial startup and it crashed and burned, big time. But, the lessons learned then have better prepared me for where I’m at now.
    dan mcm recently posted..Stunned by Beauty

    • What you said is actually a dream of mine. Doing the half and half thing where my business supported me so that I won’t have to take a paycheck from the church. I still hope for that day by doing something with an online business. I just haven’t found the right niche yet.

      That’s a crazy risk story Dan. I can relate to the principle. There’s something about how we respond to our biggest failures that can flip it and let it lead us into our greatest successes.

  25. Wow…so excited for you, Tony! You’ll be a great addition to the team for sure!
    Ben Reed recently posted..The anti-narcissistic medicine of community

  26. I’m late to the party, but AWESOME for you! Can’t wait to see what God has in store.

    Between you and your wife, the dreaming and the doing you both have done is such an inspiration.
    Knox McCoy recently posted..Residents of Awesometown #21 – Rob Shepherd

  27. Congrats friend! I get so excited when I see news like this. It’s a brave move and a risk, especially when you’ve got a family to care for, but there are better things in life than money, and doing what you love and using your gifts I think is a far better compensation than a great paycheck. Take it from the self-employed girl with no benefits; I do what I love and I go sleep at night fulfilled.

    • I love it, Stephanie! I’ve had both a lot and a little and nothing satisfies like fulfilling your God-given calling. I’m willing to go without some of the little pleasures to make a difference with my life.

      So thankful to have friends doing the same and encouraging me along the way!

  28. it’s just one more reason you inspire me.. you are one of the rocks in my life that i look to, maybe not in spoken words but actions. thank you for being the man of God called you to be.

  29. Tony, so pumped for you man! Way to take the leap. They’ll be blessed to have a guy like you on staff.
    David Santistevan recently posted..Why Brutal Honesty Is Your Best Leadership Policy

  30. Congrats!

    You’ll do great things there.
    Ricky Anderson recently posted..Evan’s Christmas Wish List

  31. Awesome news, man! Will be praying for and with you as you make the transition.
    seekingpastor recently posted..Prophetic Thursday: Biblical Dance Moves

  32. I packed up and moved my family to South Africa on one way tickets. Six years later it is one of the best decisions we ever made!

    Enjoy your new endeavor.
    Chris Lautsbaugh recently posted..3 Deadly mistakes in missions (and life)

  33. I am SO freaking excited for you! I love hearing about the questions you asked yourself and what led to this decision. It will work out, I’m confident of that. God is doing a mighty work in you, my friend. And now, dear sir, you better get back to work on that book you’re writing!

    (My biggest risk? First moving to Nashville a year and a half ago and then quitting my job this past June. Now I’m 2/3 done writing my novel and nannying for the best family ever so I can pay my bills. Best of all: I’m 100% happier, healthier, and confident in my calling.)
    HopefulLeigh recently posted..What I’m Into (November Edition)

    • Yeah, it’s go time right now! I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of writing.

      Your risk makes me even more excited about my own. I’m ready to be happier, healthier and more confident in my calling.

  34. Big New York City high five Tony. This brings me much joy. When you tweeted at first, I was already excited. The church couldn’t have a better, more focused person in staff. No way there’s someone else with more imagination and creativity than you. That’s your gift.

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Your joy is my joy. I have already taken part in two of them. Your marriage covenant with Katie and now this. God is doing big things… love to be watching it from here.

    I long for the day, I can give you a hug (and maybe a wedgie) in person. Congrats again brother!
    Moe recently posted..The New Christian Embrace

    • Wow man, your words really encouraged me!

      I appreciate the friendship we’ve built over this past year. You are awesome and both Katie and I seriously appreciate you!

      I can’t wait to meet up, share a dirty water dog and partake in that hug/wedgie.

      • I’ll take two tickets to the hug/wedgie fest!! We love you Moe! I love the words you said about Tony. So true. They are blessed to have him. I can’t wait to see how this opportunity gives him an outlet for all of his gifts and wonderful, God-given ideas.
        Katie A recently posted..I Can’t Live…

  35. Tony, this is fantastic. I can sense the clarity, boldness, and certainty in your writing of this post. You stepping in faith and that is courageous and scary. What a joy! I’m excited for you.

    I am approaching a potential huge risk taking adventure, quite similar to yours…. 🙂
    Ryan Tate recently posted..A Blog Sabbatical

  36. Congratulations, Tony!
    Larry Hehn recently posted..Born to be Wild

  37. Way to go, Tony! I’ll be keeping you and your wife in my prayers as you embark on this new leg of life’s journey.
    Alison recently posted..Guest post at Positively Shining

  38. Congrats Tony! That is exciting. I am proud of you.

  39. Awesome Tony. So happy for you. Biggest risk for me. Giving up my good passing job to go to a commission only job, knowing I have rent and an unemployed roommate depending on me. That’s where I am now. Still waging through it, on my way to where Gods has me going.

  40. I’ve always believed you know when you’re doing something important when you’re simultaneously excited and terrified.

    I’m incredibly excited for you, Tony! Just keep your eye on both your calling and your expectations. Measure only what’s important and aligned with those.

    Realize that you will be tested. When you’re a threat, you will encounter spiritual warfare.

    And however I can help you – sounding board, moral support, prayer, whatever – just say the word. I’m on your team!
    Keith Jennings recently posted..My Best Advice on Being the Best

    • I can always count on you for great advice, Keith! Thank you so much man. Your support and encouragement are invaluable.

    • Jonathan B says:

      “I’ve always believed you know when you’re doing something important when you’re simultaneously excited and terrified.”

      I think I needed that statement this morning. Thank you!

  41. Betty LaLuna says:

    Be Blessed Tony…I know you will succeed because you have faith and determination…more than that courage to take the risk. Whatever the outcome, it is those qualities that comprise a successful person…this may be the manifestation of the dream, but if it isn’t it will be a ‘stepping stone’ as long as you’re open. Hugs!

  42. Very cool, Tony! I love following those God-inspired dreams and where they lead. It may not always be sunny and comfortable, but He is always there and always faithful. My biggest risk? That’s a tough one. Really excited though about our pending Japanese adoption AKA our giant adventure in trusting Him step by step for everything. Incredible to watch God work in so many awesome ways through so many people. Blessings to you!
    Jason Stasyszen recently posted..Trusting the Experts

  43. God is big. I quit my job last week in faith with NO job on the horizon (but the sun has yet to rise).

    He will provide all of your needs and then some. Walk in the favor of Abraham, knowing you are a son of promise.

    I don’t know you, but I am excited for you. I sense big things coming your way. God bless you, sir.
    Renee Ronika Klug recently posted..ARTICLE: Gender Roles as God Intended

  44. Tony, that is just awesome. God Bless. I am so thrilled for you. I’ve been going through the same struggles. I have a very good job, with all the benefits. But I have this sense that I know I should be doing more, not just more, but more meaningful. My wife recently took the leap of faith. She quit her very well paying job. She is going through a pastor in training program at our church. I know that God does things perfectly, and he will align his will with my life, at his timing. Again, awesome, God Bless.
    Juan Cruz Jr recently posted..Comfortable?:You might be in peril

    • Wow, that’s awesome that your wife has been able to take the leap. I’m confident that God’s timing will allow you to step out the same way. I’ve waited a very long time for this and in retrospect, I see how the timing is perfect.

      Thanks for all your support, Juan.

  45. This is incredible, Tony! Consider this a great big hug and a high five! Amazing.
    Mandie recently posted..Pictures That Need Not Be Explained

  46. Baby, I am SO proud of you! I’m not terrified or even worried…I’m excited. The good times, the scary times, the amazing times, whatever comes our way, I look forward to experiencing them with you. God brought me an amazing husband. I love you so much.
    Katie M recently posted..I Can’t Live…

    • None of this would have happened without you. You are the one who gave me the courage to believe that all this was possible.

      I’m so thankful to have you by my side. I look forward to a lifetime of chasing both of our dreams and then teaching our kids to go even farther than anything we accomplish in our own lives.

      I love you!

  47. Way to go, brother! I know this is going to be a dream come true.

    The biggest risk I ever took was in getting a divorce. Leaving a bad situation, striking out as a single mom, and having no safety, no money to fall back on.

    It made things worse in many ways, but it made other things better. My ex-husband and I now have a relatinship 100x better than when we were married. Even though we can’t go back there, my family is happier and healthier because of it. Truly.
    kristinherdy recently posted..The Edible/Potable Saturation

    • I know what you mean, Kristin. I’m so glad to see the redemption that has come in your life through this.

      I know your dreams and I will continue to believe in you until they come to pass! 😉

  48. That is awesome bud! Im so happy and excited for you!! I know you’ll have your ups and downs in the process, but taking a step like this is needed to get us in line with our dreams. I’ll be praying for you and can’t wait to hear what God does with you in this season!
    Jason Vana recently posted..An Overused Undo

  49. Praying for you my brother…if you need anything, let me know!
    Jay Cookingham recently posted..Making Room

  50. I’ve taken a huge risk that started a couple of months ago…

    I’ve been recording my First Spanish Worship Album with my Band…
    We are almost done…

    But, I have seen doors open that i never knew where there….i catch myself wondering…how will we grow if people don’t know us…

    Be we have already headlined at events and played at churches who havent even heard us and they take our word for it…it’s amazing! God is Amazing…

    My church has a recording Studio and a Radio Station and the biggest latin church in Houston…pasadena…so…God has placed me in the middle of it all…

    Praise to him…

    it’s only the beginning
    Arny recently posted..Transformers: 5 Ways To Be PERFECT

  51. yay, tony! this is so good!

    i did the same thing earlier this summer. not because i got offered my dream job (hello, i am so NOT a career-motivated or goal-oriented person), but because i knew i wasn’t going anywhere (nor did i want to) at my former job. i got a call on a friday about teaching one ESL class, which has since turned into 3 different classes, and i gave my notice that monday. fewer hours, no benefits or real security, but it got me out of a dream-less nine-to-five rut where i was MISERABLE. i am still only teaching part-time hours with no benefits but i am SO MUCH HAPPIER and can’t believe i get paid to do what i’m doing now.

    i wanted to encourage you with this, but it sounds like you’ve already gotten a hold of it:

    when i looked at all of this on the whole, i got nervous. and the lord said so clearly, ‘mary kathryn, you don’t have to learn how to trust me anymore because you already have. now, just do it.’ so, i made that choice. my other part-time job was (and is) as a make-up artist and my calendar became full in june with work for that company.

    then i learned that we had no work in july. again i heard, ‘mary kathryn, trust me.’ the next day, i got a call from the daughter of a 90-yo friend who was dying of lung cancer. for the last five months, my bills have always been paid on time and i was able to put a little bit toward debt.

    she died last week, so folks are asking me now, ‘what are you going to do!?’ but i know better. my question now is, ‘god, what are YOU going to do?’ i am being proactive, not sitting around waiting, knocking on every door i find. but, most importantly, i’m not worried about it. i know he who has been faithful to provide for me will continue to provide for me.

    as a matter-of-fact, at her funeral, i met a woman in her kitchen who owns an art gallery here in town – we totally hit it off and i went by to see her yesterday. turns out, her co-owner is retiring next week and she suggested i bring her my resume.

    i will not worry, i will trust. i will hold tight with open hands to the rock of my salvation. it’s totally built my faith to trust him in this way. he is so good.

    just wanted to encourage you with that which, again, sounds like you’re already there.

    i know you’ll be great at your new job, tony. and i know it will only open up more, better, other doors for you and katie because that’s the way god works. his dreams for us are ‘yes’ and ‘amen’, aren’t they?

    love you guys.

    mary kathryn tyson recently posted..kind & severe.

    • Your words gave me chills. Thank you so much for sharing this, Mary Kathryn. There’s nothing like seeing God come through in someone else’s life to give you hope for yours.

      You are awesome!

  52. This is SO you. Proud of you, buddy! You know I am very cautious, but this feels exactly right. 🙂

    P.S. Your wife rocks.
    P.P.S. So do you.
    Cathy recently posted..Off With Her Head

  53. Congratulations on taking this leap of faith. Following God’s lead is Always the right thing to do. I know you will not regret your decision.
    Sele Mitchell recently posted..A Christmas Gift from YouVersion

  54. I totally thought your big news was that you were pregnant. 🙂 heehee But then…in a sense, you kinda are…pregnant with a purpose that is and will be birthed in the days/months to come.

    I’m at an impasse now that has me on my knees praying for the direction He would have me leap. It seems He’s loosening many things in my life…it has to be for a reason. And I wonder what dream He would have me leap towards…

    Best wishes as you venture forth!

    • Apparently many others thought the same! That will definitely be big news…but hopefully a little ways out.

      And yes, your words are perfect. I’m pregnant with purpose like never before in my life. So many beautiful things are happening in my life right now. I’m beyond thankful!

    • Jonathan B says:

      It would be really big news if Tony as pregnant, which was my first thought reading that first line. :>

  55. Biggest risk I ever took? Getting married at the age of 20, my senior year at university, and putting the brakes on my dreams of grad school. It all worked out, as in like, perfectly worked out. I believe that God planted those dreams in my heart and I pursued them with passion. I love that He orchestrated the details, allowing me to finish grad school even when I was living another dream-life in Europe. I look back on that time as one of the most fulfilling periods of my life. It’s hard now for me to maintain focus in my current “career” as a SAHM, which stretches me and frustrates me. I’m not gifted in this area. He’s growing me, though. 😉

    RE: your dreams…that is absolutely amazing, Tony. I am so encouraged by what you’ve shared, especially since I share some of those same desires for my future. Looking forward to hearing more about it. And, dude, kudos to your amazing wifey for supporting you in this. It’s a commitment for both of you, and I love that she’s right there in the fire with you, supporting your dreams and your mission. Really, they are your dreams and mission as a family now. Many blessings on the transition. I hope you’ll share more about it here on your blog.
    Keri recently posted..In Search of a Good Hairstylist

  56. good for you Tony, taking the leap of faith that you have is very scary… i’m right there with you, following the passion that God puts in your heart is more rewarding than most people can ever imagine.

    Keep Being Great !!
    chris vonada recently posted..Geology LITE: The Elastic Rebound Theory

  57. Great News for you and the church. Risks are things that let us know that we are alive and they are the things that show us we trust God.

    I have walked away from a good job and family to move my wife and daughter at that time back to college five hours away so I could graduate with my BS and then go on to seminary.
    Jim F recently posted..Soul-Deep!

    • “Risks are things that let us know that we are alive and they are the things that show us we trust God.”

      Love this wisdom, Jim. Thank you so much, brother. Your encouragement means so much to me. I appreciate you.

  58. I quit my job, moved my family to Louisville, KY, worked 3 jobs, went to seminary and both failed and succeeded at the same time.
    LarryThe Deuce recently posted..Random Thoughts At The End Of November

  59. this is absolutely one of the coolest things I have read in some time. I love it! i can’t wait to hear how takes care of you both and how intersects with you in your life. One of the biggest steps I ever took was moving back to a small town to pastor a church that was less than 1 year old. I have never been to any church other than one already established (some for many many years). I tell people i didn’t plant the church but sure feel like I did. It was/is still a challenge.
    bill (cycleguy) recently posted..FacePlant

    • Thanks Bill! I can imagine what a ride (pun intended) it’s been for you pastoring your church from the early days until now. Your wisdom and experience are a constant source of encouragement to me.

  60. Congratulations Tony.
    Jason recently posted..Day 333: Peas and thank you

  61. Good for you brother. Happy for you and will be praying for you.

    Biggest risk that I have ever taken was to __________. Ha ha. The suspense… I will be sharing about this on my blog soon. No spoilers yet.
    Adam recently posted..Lessons Learned While Moving

  62. Dude…this is awesome! What an incredible time this will be for you as you transition. I transitioned out of corporate life almost three years ago. It was difficult the first year, but God provided every day – even the days where I wasn’t sure how to put food on the table. Now, I’m doing what I love to do (communications) coincidentally, and I’m making more than what I was making when left the corporate life. You’re called to die to yourself, and live for God. Keep doing that, and trust it. There will be days where the comforts of corporate life and the “American Way” will lull you into thinking you made the wrong choice. Don’t believe that. Love you man!
    Justin recently posted..Back in 2012

    • Thank you for sharing that, Jus. I really needed to hear that encouragement. Adventures can get very difficult but that’s what makes them amazing. I’m thankful for friends like you to push me forward. More than you even know, dude.

  63. Congrats. Way to be brave and follow your God-given calling.
    Gregory Fish recently posted..Christmas Media

  64. Kudos to you! Sometimes we wait until life pushes us, and sometimes we decide to take the leap. Either way choosing to walk the path is the best way to see your dreams fulfilled.
    Veronica Monique recently posted..Writing, Winning, and NaNoWriMo

  65. Wow, way to go! May God continue to bless you!

    Scariest thing I’ve ever done was having the #babychild. I knew things would change, but had no idea what it’d actually be like!
    mo recently posted..I AM THE VULTURE

  66. Awesome news Tony! I’m happy for you. You need to take the leap sometimes first, then you’ll see how God will catch you!
    ed cyzewski recently posted..When God Told Me to Answer Someone Else’s Prayer

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