404 The Art of Talking Without Talking

The Art of Talking Without Talking

There are fathers, fathers of girls and fathers of 3 girls. I am none of those. My friend Dustin Valencia is the most impressive of those. He wouldn’t leave his girls in my care but since I am a writer, he asked me to come over and baby sit his blog while he’s out gallivanting overseas.

Dustin writes about family and relationships pretty regularly so I figured a story about martial arts made perfect sense.

Go check it out and let me know what you think. And while you’re there, look at the pictures his adorable daughters and read his blog!

Here’s a preview:


Enter The Dragon is one of my favorite martial arts movies of all time. Most people remember the classic fight scene in the room of mirrors with Han. But I’m more a movie quote fanatic so I always find lines that stick out to me and use them in my every day conversations.

In one scene, Bruce Lee is on a boat with another guy who is being a bully. He gets in Lee’s face and says “What’s your style?” Lee replies, “My style? You can call it the art of fighting without fighting.” He then proceeds to trick the guy into getting in a dinghy and doesn’t get in with him. The guy has to float behind the boat holding on to a rope for the rest of the trip.

Fighting without fighting. I love that line. I love that style. So much so that I incorporate it into my communication style.

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  1. “…so I figured a story about martial arts made perfect sense.”


    (Thanks for the guest-post, Tony.)
    dustin recently posted..Tears and Tonka Trucks

  2. I read the post this morning before school…it’s awesome!
    Brandon recently posted..Over All The Earth

    • Thanks Brandon! I know you’re a young buck so if you’ve never seen Enter The Dragon, it is a must! Hopefully you can catch it on TV though because there are a couple of inappropriate scenes.

  3. Great Post Tony!!!

    Keepum coming!
    Arny recently posted..Lessons From a Jedi #1 : Yoda’s Force

  4. Martial Arts – love it!
    Matthew Snider recently posted..GameStop Taking Trade-Ins of iPods, iPhones and iPads

  5. Read it over at Dustin’s but will comment here. I love your thought today Tony. Communication involves more than just words. It involves the heart, the why. And that quote at the end? You are just beginning to see the truth in that my friend. 🙂
    bill (cycleguy) recently posted..Methods

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