404 It’s Okay To Be Weird

It’s Okay To Be Weird

There are times in life when you just don’t feel like you fit. When you finally find someone that gets you, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Michael Perkins is that breath of fresh air that can relate to you no matter what you look like, where you’re from or what you’ve been through. He has a huge heart and he pours it out liberally. So drink it in, it always goes down smooth.


What’s the weirdest animal?

The duck-billed platypus.

It’s a duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed, venomous, egg laying mammal.

That’s just crazy.

It’s like nothing else on earth.

And I’m certain that it couldn’t care less about what we think.   It’s completely okay with being different, weird, and unique.

The platypus doesn’t struggle with identity issues because it knows that it is fearfully and wonderfully made.

Which should make us realize that…

it’s okay to be different.

it’s okay to be weird.

it’s okay to be unique.

it’s okay not to settle for status-quo.

We don’t need you to be a lesser version of someone else.  We need you to be you.  And we need you to be the best you that you can possibly be.

This is permission to be yourself.

Do you struggle with identity?


Michael PerkinsMichael is a regular guy that looks to show how God moves in our everyday, ordinary lives. He is a husband, pastor, blogger, and a creative. He blogs at Untitled and you can connect with him on Twitter.


  1. Awesome post, I needed this. God bless.

  2. Queen Foley says:

    i have learnd to focus on God not man and compair me to them and where they are and where i am. Ryan this is convicting.
    Queen Foley recently posted..Cancer Tattoos Tumblr

  3. My grandma always told me that normal is boring. I guess no one can accuse me of being boring. 😉

    I’m not usually a people pleaser (although I have had my moments, especially as a teen). I usually go the other direction and try to do the exact opposite of everyone else. I’m getting better about that too. I try to just be me now. Anyway, even though I’m not usually a people pleaser, I have still struggled with my identity in the past.
    jenn recently posted..Survival

  4. Am I weird? Just ask Bad Sheep!
    Jay Cookingham recently posted..River Song

  5. I DEFINITELY think it’s fine to be weird – weird was made for a reason!

  6. Not as much as I used to. I have become more comfortable in my own skin and more aware that I am loved by the Creator of the universe. This is enough.
    seekingpastor recently posted..FSA–Fallling Satellite Anxiety

  7. Do I? Yup. Especially in high school, I was that guy who did anything and everything to fit in. I avoided the “different” because then I would be different. I’m grateful that God has showed me that He has made me just as I am for a reason..
    dustin recently posted..Descending Down Your Mountains

  8. i have a crazy story about my life and never fitting in, but its a story like everyone has.
    my life change when someone crazyer than me dared to tell me God loved me.. i was not nice cused him and said very crude things to him.. but he put up me for a year till i came to know the lover of my soul, greater than any other lover. but even i the church i felt like i was not like everyone else, and i have come to accept that. i amd weird in my own special way, God made me perfect for him, not for me. its taken some great men of God to listen to me and encourage me to keep the faith and hang on it gets better. i have learnd to focus on God not man and compair me to them and where they are and where i am.
    He has helped me to fall in love with me. and love me for whom i am, thanks for writing this. i need a reminder today that i am weird and i love it..

  9. Whoa. Thanks. Like a V-8.

  10. I’ve had internal struggles for a few years, especially when I was trying to achieve to be something, or someone, “great” in my life. You know the kind…an over-achiever, a success story, doing anything I could to accomplish my dreams. That all lead to several years of wallowing in depression. Today I just let things happen. I realized I am who I am, and success has nothing to do with it.
    Ed recently posted..Who’s Fooling Who?

  11. Great book on this is “Weird” by Craig Groeschel. Must read for anyone not wanting to be normal.
    Jonathan recently posted..Gungor: Brother Moon

  12. Awesome post, Michael! So many amazing comments already!

    I used to struggle big time with who I am, and my purpose for being here. I was a people pleaser and killed myself trying to make everyone happy so they wouldn’t reject me or get mad at me. Having someone be upset or disappointed in me used to be a fate worse than death. I would run myself into the ground just so people would say how “nice” I am, how “accommodating” I am, how “hard working” I am, how “sweet” I am, how “understanding” I am, etc. The truth is, that without the grace of God, I am none of those things. These compliments became my identity. When I didn’t feel like I could be “nice” or “hard working” I would pull away and hide so that people wouldn’t see the truth and reject me.

    I now have a favorite word. That word is “no”. Don’t get me wrong, just because it’s my favorite word, doesn’t mean I say it all the time. It just means that I’ve made friends with it.

    If we do things just so that people will say nice things about us, then we aren’t being who we really are. We find our identity in Jesus. Jesus was rejected for who He is. If we are being who we are in Jesus, then we can expect some rejection or disapproval every now and again.
    Katie M recently posted..He is worth it…

  13. I think we all do, but I struggle less than I used to. It’s not because I got super spiritual or some inner strength, but from a blessing God gave me more than 13 years ago. He gave me beautiful twin girls, who are developmentally delayed. We already had a typically developing daughter, so I could easily have fallen victom to expecting someone to make the twins “better”, or “normal” but in loving and accepting them and others with special needs, I have learned that all people have value. I have seen in a small way how God sees us. We are all His workmanship, fearfully and wonderfully made, for His good purposes. My twins are not a mistake, they are beautiful loving children unique individuals, even though they are identicals. No we will never fit in to the “normal” world. We don’t even have one of the more known disabilities, so we don’t fit 100% in that world either. But God made my girls, the typical teeanger with her creative and loving but sometimes disorganized personality, and my twins that give 100% and love 100%. So if I with my nature that still struggles with sin can love them, how much more must our perfect God love us? I am His daughter and He loves me, just like I am. The world can’t change that.

  14. I struggle with it. The “real me” isn’t liked by many people.
    Jason recently posted..Day 270: I have never been this low

  15. Hmmmm…..our culture has calibrated us into being intentionally insincere.

    I’ll intentionally cover up by duckbill and hide my otter feet and mask my deadly venomous side at all costs because I’m afriad of authenticity. Don’t be fooled by my blog posts or my pretty facebook photos or witty status updates. I’m just as bad and weird and in need of savior as anyone else. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m not sure how much I believe that! If I believed it at a 10, my life wouldn’t be so intentionally insincere.
    Ryan Tate recently posted..Perpetual Consumerism

  16. um…. that kind of resembles my pug
    Jenny recently posted..Wordless-ish Wednesday | Fall Festivals

  17. Thanks for permission to be me, I need that reminder it’s okay. It seems it’s a common struggle for many to accept themselves as they are, I know I do. A way I try to conquer this dilemma is to remember that God truly created me this way, extremely unique. It’s a gift, and I need to find comfort in that.
    Jakz recently posted..Can I be honest?

  18. Great post, Michael. I think we all struggle with our identity to some degree. I was always a kid who wanted to fit in when in school – and rarely did. I am unique and was always an “old soul” – raised by very strict over protective parents – talk about GEEK! I was one – big time – before it was popular to be. But as an adult I’ve embraced my deeper sensitive side – put it into teaching others music and into my writing. I’m okay to be me – but it took me quite a journey to get here.
    Cindy Holman recently posted..Faith, Hope and Puppy Dogs

  19. I struggle{d} with identity without evening realizing it. I tried to hard to be the Keri that everyone wanted to be, that I lost sight of the Keri that I really am-the Keri that He knit together and created ON PURPOSE! I’m still learning how to break out, be myself, and be okay with that and not feel like a complete failure for missing the mark of what everyone expects or wants. It can be hard for this people pleaser to be unpleasing at times. But, ultimately it’s only His pleasure I should be seeking.
    Keri recently posted..Smells like Jesus

    • So what do you do to un-people please?

      • I’m taking your question to mean what I do I do practically to stop pleasing people. It starts small. Being honest and open, even little things like, “No, I really don’t like that book or that movie.” Or, even “I would rather not spend so much money on our dinner out. Can we go somewhere else?” Basically creating boundaries and being open with my own needs and desires. Maybe for some people those things are easy, but they are HARD for me.
        Keri recently posted..Smells like Jesus

  20. Definitely the strangest animal I could think of. You know it’s bill sends out tiny little rays of electricity that help is sense things in its surroundings? At least I think I heard that somewhere.
    I think everyone struggles with identity in a way. It’s not so much about keeping up with the Joneses – it’s about keeping up with where we feel we should be at. I’m my harshest critic it seems like.
    Loren Pinilis recently posted..How Productivity Apps Can Kill Your Productivity

  21. If only we all embraced our own personal, inner platypus.
    LarryTheDeuce recently posted..Spiritual Sleep Apnea

  22. The platypus is probably one of my top 5 animals. Which may or may not be influenced by the cartoon, Phineas & Ferb.

    I just drafted a post on identify for another blog today so this topic is at the forefront of my mind.

    What I struggle the most with is that I tried to be everyone else’s version of me for so long that I feel like I lost a part of who/what I am. The last couple years I’ve made a conscious effort to be myself unashamedly and while some people don’t get it, the experience has ultimately been rewarding.
    ThatGuyKC recently posted..Wasteband of Brothers

  23. Michael,

    This is a great post, man. I as well have gotten lost in the pool of identity. I find it interesting that most of the people that have commented on this post are men…for so long I thought I was alone in feeling like I couldn’t be myself…this feeling has caused me to feel weak, pathetic, sad, and not a man.

    I’ve come to learn that men as a whole are struggling with being who God made them to be. It seems at times the effort to discover exactly what it is holding us back is too difficult a task…I know that’s been true of myself…but I’m also learning that the process of knocking down the walls of fear that keep me from being myself is liberating and freeing.

    Thanks for opening up about this, dude…it encourages me to not be ashamed to be me…nerd and all :o)

  24. I still struggle a little on Identity…some assume I got it all down cause i’ve been married for 8 wonderful years and have 2 amazing kids, i preach, lead worship, write songs, recording an album now, a small growing blog….but some how at the end of the day…these things are great…but don’t satisfy me the fullest….But Christ does…and thats where I will forever set my identity in….forever…
    Arny recently posted..Lessons of a Jedi #4: Anakin’s Race of Life

  25. I loved this, dude. Such a creative way to approach this topic. And no joke, a platypus is weird! I never realized that it is venomous!

    Thanks for sharing this bro. I appreciate you!

  26. I use to… Well sometimes I still do. But most of the time now I live content knowing I am who He made me to be…and as I remind myself often: I am His.
    Dusty Rayburn recently posted..Body Parts and Our Part in the Body

  27. I have struggled with identity most of my life. Not having a pop, mom always working (single mom) and I thought I was defined by my friends. Wrong!

    When Christ saved me, it gave me a new identity. One that I lost along the way, since I made the mistake of being defined by “church”. Today, I can confidently say that it’s not the church that defines me, or my friends or my family. My faith defines me. And I don’t have to apologize for that. Never. Call me the “Christinious Platypus Ondeneum”. (yeah, I totally made that up).
    Moe recently posted..The Real Secret to the Church’s Success

  28. I really think that most if not all of us have struggled or do struggle with identity in one way or another. I have and do but it is interesting that the struggle for me has changed through the years. Things I used to struggle with surrounding identity do not bother me as much but other things now really get to me and make me wonder. The one thing that has helped the most is understanding that my true identity comes from Christ – if you do not have that – then you have no real identity at all.
    Jim F recently posted..What Does Forgiveness Mean?

  29. I used to struggle with it a lot more than I do now. In fact, at one point I even lost my identity and had to do the hard work of finding out who I was.

    Now, I know who I am – the good parts, bad part, and crazy tripped out weird parts. And I’m ok with that.

    Great post Michael!
    Jason Vana recently posted..The Comparison Trap

  30. Great post. I am content being weird! I just wrote in my blog post today. “God’s not after normal. God’s after our heart.” I see a theme today! Thanks.
    Eileen recently posted..Productive Prayers

  31. Not as much now as when I was in my teens and twenties. I still though will analyze a conversation and wonder if I annoyed someone, said something dumb, or stepped on their toes. It’s a hard habit to break…this identity thing.

  32. I do struggle a bit with identity. I think that I just rationalize it as wearing many different hats in life, as the cliche goes. But it’s a feeling of turmoil that I get inside that let’s me know it’s a struggle. What should be? How should I be? These are some of the questions that I ask myself. But I know the Lord is continuing to help me through this area of my life.
    Juan Cruz, Jr. recently posted..What if God was your football team?

  33. I think I do struggle with identity. This is a topic that just came up as I started diving into my anger. We’ll see where Jesus takes me. More to come.
    Ernie recently posted..A Guys’ Guide to Freedom from Sexual Sin

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