404 Because She’s Worth It

Because She’s Worth It

The women in my life have made me the man I am today. They inspire me, they encourage me and they teach me how to love. I am a man because I know the value of a woman.

This is my tribute to the women in my life:


My little sister is a jewel. She is that deadly combination of gorgeous and funny. She’s one of those women who is a knock out and has no idea. She’s silly and down to earth. I get her. I laugh at her jokes when everyone else is rolling their eyes. We’re a lot alike and I love it.

Because she’s the baby, there have been a lot of expectations placed on her. It was never intended, but that’s just what happened. And because of this, she went the way of being a people pleaser. She struggled with making her own decisions. Everyone always had their opinion of what she should do. Because she has such a big heart, she always tried to make everyone happy.

Recently she made a huge decision. A life changing decision. She didn’t talk to anyone about it. Not immediately anyways. Many could say that it was a mistake. Others would say she moved too quickly.

When it came out, she was afraid of what everyone would think. She was afraid that she let a lot of people down. Then she began to doubt herself. She knew that this decision was one that didn’t please everyone.

But she she followed through with it. And because of that, I’m proud of her.

This shy, somewhat sheltered and indecisive sister of mine became a woman with one decision. Not because she made the decision, but because she owned it. She learned to trust herself. She learned to step out and live.

Now that she is married, I pray her new husband realizes the gift he has. I hope he would give up his life for her.

Because she’s worth it.



My older sister was my idol growing up. Everywhere she went, I wanted to be there. Everything she did, I wanted to do it. Everything she ate, I wanted to eat it. I was desperate for her attention. She was my hero.

When she was 21, my sister was diagnosed with leukemia. My 17 year old heart was broken. My hero was wounded and I didn’t know how to fight for her. I would visit her in the hospital with a crushed spirit. I would look up at her thin frame, skin browned from radiation and I was speechless. There in that lifeless hospital room, I sat down next to her. Her in the bed sick, me in the chair healthy…and she made me laugh.

After a miraculous bone marrow transplant, my sister beat the cancer. She decided to go to nursing school to be just like her own heroes. The ones that held her hand through painful treatments, and brought hope to days full of despair.

Today she is the one bringing hope to the hopeless. She brings a testimony of victory to the ones feeling defeated. She does it every day because she knows that her patients each have value.

My sister is still my hero. I don’t care who knows. I’ll tell it to the world.

Because she’s worth it.



What can you say about a woman who has laid down her life for you? A woman that has put you before every one of her dreams and desires? A woman who would do it again in a heartbeat if she had the chance?

My parents divorced when I was very young. My dad made a lot of big mistakes. The ones that aren’t easily forgiven. The ones that can steal any sense of value from a woman.

My mom made it through and remarried. She married a man who understands the power of words. He knows how they can be balm to a broken heart. He knows how to speak life into a woman. He spoke value over my mom. He does it every day.

Each day of my childhood, my mother told me my value. When I got older and went through my own divorce, she reminded me that I was still valuable. She never gave up on me, even when I felt worthless. She continued to speak my value over me until I could believe it myself. She still does it to this day.

A few years ago, my dad had an encounter with the Lord. His life was rocked and one of the things God had him do was repent to those he hurt. He called his sister to make amends. He talked with me and my sister and asked for forgiveness. Thenย one day, a day my mom probably never thought would come, he called her and apologized.

After all the time that had passed, even after the wounds had healed, he called to take responsibility for his mistakes. He broke the power of rejection. He spoke value over her.

My mom named me Anthony, which means priceless. But honestly, she’s the one that is priceless. I could never thank her enough for what she’s taught me. I could never thank her enough for how she’s loved me.

I celebrate my mom. I honor her. I love her.

Because she’s worth it.



Isn’t it funny how you can find the most beautiful things in your life when you stop looking so hard?

Frustrated by one closed door after another, I put my quest for love on hold. As I poured my heart into my blog, Katie was there with a cup drinking it in.

My past didn’t matter. She had one too. One with more heartbreaks than the average girl should experience. A past full of disappointment after disappointment. A past full of men that told her that her value only came from her pretty face.

Then she found her man. Or I should say, her man found her. As Jesus pursued her, she learned her value as a daughter of God. She saw that men aren’t bad, just that some are really broken. His love restored her heart and allowed her to trust again.

Katie found hope. Katie found value. Katie found Jesus. Then Jesus found us.

I was ready to meet Katie because I already knew what an amazing woman looked like. I was ready to meet Katie because the men in my life taught me how to value a woman, even after hurting them. I was ready to meet Katie because Jesus showed me the value of His daughter.

So in two weeks, I’m going to marry Katie.

Because she’s worth it.


If you want to read more stories on the value of women, go to Tamara’s blog. There’s a link up called “What’s a Girl Worth“.ย 


  1. Lucia Fuller says:

    Could not be happier for you both. The ones that cared, the ones that were so captivated by who He was. We compare constantly and there is always someone better, the enemy makes sure we know it.
    Lucia Fuller recently posted..Many Mops

  2. Brenda Stephenson says:

    The women were also the first to see his resurrected body. Dude, that is awesome!
    Brenda Stephenson recently posted..Cancer Tattoos Tumblr

  3. This seriously made me tear up. So sweet and inspiring, Tony. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
    Cindy Holman recently posted..Faith, Hope and Puppy Dogs

  4. When you bring it, you really BRING IT. Great post, man. Can’t wait for the wedding pictures.
    Jason recently posted..Day 269: Ghosts around every corner

  5. Good stuff, man. And I bet you earned a lot of brownie points with this one ๐Ÿ™‚ Great pics, too.
    seekingpastor recently posted..Bedtime Stories for John Piper

  6. Awww, Tony, this is so precious! As a mom of a mama’s boy and a boy who loves his older sister, this blesses me. My son gets his sister too, even when we have no idea what she’s talking about, he always understands and interprets for us! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m so happy to hear your father is walking with Jesus!

    Thank you for honoring the women in your life in such a beautiful way. They are blessed to have such an amazing son, brother and future husband in their lives!

    Congratulations on your wedding! ๐Ÿ™‚
    kathyfannon recently posted..Rainy Days and Mondays

  7. That’s awesome. Growing up in an all-women family (and a she-cat), I will never stop saying that I was incredibly blessed as a kid to have such a host of women who were around and who taught me to be who I am today.

    And as I was reading about your older sister, Lelanie, I was thinking of my cousin (in Russian, the word for cousin is the same as for sister / brother). She was and remains the role model for me ๐Ÿ™‚ (Even when it wasn’t such a good example that she was setting)))
    Zee recently posted..[after-event]

  8. Tony, this is great stuff. They each are, indeed, worth it! Thank you for giving them the “shine” they so deserve. Bravo!
    Alison recently posted..If nobody read along

  9. *sniff* *wipes tear away*

  10. Many men could learn a thing or two from you. Wonderful tribute to the women in your life. Congrats on the upcoming wedding. Katie has to be wonderful and her name just adds to her beauty- that’s my daughter’s name too.
    julie moore recently posted..I Will Have You As Mine

  11. okay, okay, tony. you can guest post at my blog. sheesh.

    *winking emoticon*
    sharideth smith recently posted..twitter twaddle: #BestThingsAboutBeingSingle

  12. Oh my goodness, I’m at the library fighting the tears away… This is beautiful. God bless you so much for appreciating to people in your life, so many of us are to busy trying to find the faults.

    I pray you have a wonderful marriage and that God will bless your union.

  13. This is so beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  14. This is really beautiful. Wonderful post. Now I’m going to hit my brother the next time I see him because he hasn’t written something like this about me. ๐Ÿ™‚
    jenn recently posted..Life Lessons

  15. Proud to say your my brother! Very great insight and transparency in your words.

  16. I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for being real, for sharing some of the tough stuff. And congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Blessings to you and your wife-to-be.

  17. Ok, a.) Thank you for taking disqus off of here. I wasn’t able to comment, for some reason!

    B.) This. Is…no words, Tony. I have no words.

    OK, I found some.

    I don’t know you well, Katie even less, but from the beginning, Tony, I have had a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for you. I have no doubt this is the reason why, because of what you said in this incredible post.

    You are more of a man because of the women in your life. Not because that’s what makes a man a man, necessarily, but for men who have had strong female examples, and saw the men in their lives respect those women…well, the product is amazing men like you.

    Thank you, Tony, for respecting and honoring women as you do. You are a great man.

    Congratulations to you and Miss Katie Mae. You expected the exceptional and you have both found it. Could not be happier for you both.

    mary kathryn tyson recently posted..growth in the growing.

  18. Dude, that is awesome! Please continue to speak value to the women in your life. It will spread!
    Carolyn recently posted..What Is A Girl Worth?

  19. This is absolutely wonderful. Recognizing the love and positive influence of these women in your life is a beautiful way to share their worth.

  20. This made me cry…It’s a rare thing to find a man who knows the worth of a woman…
    kd sullivan recently posted..Deathdays and Birthdays โ€“ New Glarus Road โ€“ Saturday Morning Linky

  21. Aww Tony I love this! I’m so happy for you and Katie!

  22. Goosebumps!

    So good Tony J Alicea. SO good.
    Mandie recently posted..Friday Field Notes: Dreams or Youtube

  23. Adrienne Brown says:

    Tony, what a beautiful post ! The women in your life are blessed to have you as well!

  24. Tony, it’s obvious that you cherish the women in your life. I hope (I know they do!) cherish you as much. You have proven yourself as a treasure to them. Bravo! Beautiful post!!!
    Sandy Sandmeyer recently posted..Why Are You Offended?

  25. Thank God for men like you who are willing to remind us women of our value! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. I hope the men out there reading this understand how important this is. We women hunger for this type of love. We compare constantly and there is always someone better, the enemy makes sure we know it. So men speak love into your women’s lives, your wife, girl friend, mother, sisters, daughters, co-workers and sisters in faith. We need it.

  27. So good, Tony! Love the tribute and the heart of gratitude for the women in your life. Wonderful!
    Jason Stasyszen recently posted..Light Friday Hit List: 9/23/11

  28. Dude, this is awesome. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into these wonderful women in your life, and how they shaped who you are today.

    Loved this!
    dustin recently posted..Stonecreek Church Hosts “An Evening with John Eldredge”

  29. Such a wonderful post! Sounds like you are extremely blessed to have so many wonderful, inspiring women in your life!
    Jakz recently posted..Earned the hard way

  30. This is beautiful, Tony. My heart is kinda bustin’ at the seams, but…I just can’t find any more words at the moment. :o) Thank you for sharing.
    Nikki recently posted..When Missing Someone Hurts

  31. Beautiful post. Thank you for valuing the women in your life!

  32. beautiful, Tony. It would be so nice if all men recognized the women in their lives with so much love and honest appreciation
    kristinherdy recently posted..Kristin Herdyโ€™s Quest for the Holy Landfill

  33. Tony, this is amazing! What a wonderful tribute to the women in your life that have shaped you. Thank you for appreciating their worth. And you were right in your Tweet yesterday- I’m totally teary eyed right now. Well done, friend.
    HopefulLeigh recently posted..Learning What I’m Worth

  34. If I woke up on a Friday and read something like this from my brother, I would be floating on air for days. You have some amazingly beautiful women in your life! And, not to be cheesy, but it’s obviously because they are beautiful on the inside, too! All of these women must feel so loved to hear that you value them for who they are, and that you recognize the path they have chosen, the sacrifices made, the choices agonized over. Nothing makes a woman feel more loved than knowing that she is seen for WHO she really is and that she is valued.
    Keri recently posted..Smells like Jesus

    • It is SO very important for women to have men speak value into their lives. Both men and women need words of affirmation but like you said, women have a huge need to be SEEN.

      Men need it to but there’s something unique about what it does for a woman. I pray that men understand this and learn to do it regularly for the women in their life.

  35. Thank you so much, Tony. (#heart exploding with joy)

    If I had to go through all those hard times again just to get to you….I would. Because….you’re worth it.

    Your love has healed me in ways that no one else could. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life honoring, encouraging, and loving you. Because…you’re worth it.

    I feel so honored, humbled, and blessed to be a part of such an amazing family of strong, beautiful women.

    I love you.
    Katie M recently posted..My man…

  36. What a beautiful tribute. That’s it. It’s simply beautiful. Thanks for touching my heart.
    Eileen recently posted..Keep On Growing

  37. This literally made me cry.

    Beautiful writing…and I’m so glad you have these wonderful women in your life.

    YOU’RE worth it.
    Cathy recently posted..The Mountain

  38. Wow, this is beautiful! I love this tribute to the women in your life.
    Two weeks? WOW, I didn’t realize it was so close! Congrats to you and Katie!I know you will be blessed in marriage because of all that you both have come from. May God bless this union. And don’t forget that we all want to see pictures!
    April recently posted..This fall season

  39. Well, dang, that was good! And I’m praying for more amazingnicity as time goes on. You and Katie just need to move out to San Diego!

  40. There truly is a secret in the company of women. Though Jesus was always with His disciples, it was the women that ministered to Him. The ones that cared, the ones that were so captivated by who He was. Rarely do you hear a rebuke about any of the women who followed Jesus, while the Gospels is full of rebuke for his male disciples. You get this, I get this, I hope everyone gets this.

    A real man knows the true value of a woman.

    Powerful stuff here man.
    Moe recently posted..Letters From Grandma: Unforgivable Sin?

  41. Awesome and blessed family you got there Tony…

    My mom raised me…and i watched my dad work sooo hard from the dirtiness and sweat he came home with…

    I am forever grateful. My dad showed me to give…and my mom…raised me to be a good help to those around me…including cleaning the house…lol…
    Arny recently posted..Lessons From a Jedi # 3: Obi-Wanโ€™s Point of View

  42. Oh Tony, this is so beautiful! Thank you so much for this lovely tribute to some amazing sounding women!
    Alise recently posted..Seven Post Challenge

  43. What a perfect tribute to such treasures.
    Tamara Out Loud recently posted..What Weโ€™re Worth: A Community Collection

  44. From what I read – you a blessed man to have so many great women who have helped to mold and shape you. Congrats on it all and thanks for sharing about each of them – it was good to read but even more, I am sure all of them were blessed by it.
    Jim F recently posted..Sensual sins are the Worst?

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