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It’s Okay To Be Weird

There are times in life when you just don’t feel like you fit. When you finally find someone that gets you, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Michael Perkins is that breath of fresh air that can relate to you no matter what you look like, where you’re from or what you’ve been through. He […]

Because She’s Worth It

The women in my life have made me the man I am today. They inspire me, they encourage me and they teach me how to love. I am a man because I know the value of a woman. This is my tribute to the women in my life: Alyana My little sister is a jewel. […]

A Pastor Without a Place

Have you ever tried to introduce someone really, really great to your friends? It seems like words can’t really do you justice. You try to give a quick bio or tell them something funny or frame the introduction impressively. Anything so they are ready to receive this new blessing of acquaintance with the proper reverence. […]

Humility Is…

Humility is not self-deprecation Humility is not deflecting compliments Humility is not about me ++++++++++ Humility is esteeming others Humility is confidence in something greater Humility is about everyone else ++++++++++ What would you add to the list?  How can we cultivate humility in our lives?

Coloring Inside The Lines

There are very few people who will admit that they don’t need rules in their life. Sure, there are a lot of people who don’t like rules. But ultimately, people value rules over anarchy. But what if there was something better than rules? Boundaries are a way of providing the benefits of rules without the […]

Life Without Rules

I’ve never been rebellious in my life. I’ve never been the one to question the status quo. I like rules. Obedience always came naturally to me. But as I mature in my faith, I’m seeing that God isn’t interested in us blindly following rules. So I started asking some dangerous questions: What if we could […]

He Is Already Pleased

What if you didn’t have to work hard for recognition? What if you never had to prove yourself? What if you were accepted before you ever lifted up a single finger? These are all completely counter-cultural questions. Voices from every angle tell you that your value only comes from what you can give to people. […]

My Father’s Daughter

I feel extremely blessed by the community on this blog. I’ve never had to turn away a guest post that was submitted to me. They haven’t just been acceptable, I’ve loved every single one of them. Today’s post is no exception. My new friend Nikki is sharing what it’s like to be her father’s daughter. […]

The Art of Talking Without Talking

There are fathers, fathers of girls and fathers of 3 girls. I am none of those. My friend Dustin Valencia is the most impressive of those. He wouldn’t leave his girls in my care but since I am a writer, he asked me to come over and baby sit his blog while he’s out gallivanting […]

Interview With Gary Molander, Author of Pursuing Christ. Creating Art.

There is a creative renaissance emerging in the body of Christ. More than ever, I see sons and daughters of God finding their identity and fanning the flame of creativity that God has put inside of them. We need leaders to steward this move. We need those that can relate to creatives and artists. We […]