404 The Allure of Depression

The Allure of Depression

No one could ever say they like how depression feels. That would be crazy, right?

I can’t say I have a vast amount of experience with depression but it did hit me pretty hard a few years ago. Strangely enough, I liked it. 

It’s difficult to explain but I try to do just that today over at my friend Alise’s blog. I shared my story as part of her Not Alone series. The series was so popular that she got a book deal for a collection of stories that people have shared with her.

Head over to her blog to read the rest of my post on the allure of depression and let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Thank you, Tony…

  2. Well you liked it as an experience but if you were to struggle with it for major part of your life it would be different story i guess.
    Marlene recently posted..Best Classic Horror Movie (Carrie (1976))

    • I’m sure it would be. That’s why I shared my personal experience. I can’t claim to know what others have been through but I definitely received a new perspective from my own journey.

      If you would be willing to share, what has been your experience, Marlene?

  3. Great post Tony on such a delicate topic. Would I be able to use/refer to this post on A Scarlet Rope of Hope (http://ascarletropeofhope.blogspot.com)? I am in need of more depression stories relating to men.
    Paula recently posted..The Beginning of Something New…

  4. Heading over now!
    dustin recently posted..The Life of George Mueller

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your story Tony! It’s an honor to be trusted with these stories and I appreciate your willingness to post yours over at my place. Thankful for you and your friendship!
    Alise recently posted..The Allure of Depression by Tony Alicea

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