404 The Weekend Wrap Up

The Weekend Wrap Up

Blogs I Wrote

There’s No Such Thing As Being Overcommitted: I don’t believe in overcommittment. This post is my manifesto on the topic.

4 Words That Changed My Life: I found out how many people are deathly afraid of confrontation. I shared a phrase that changed my whole perspective on how to handle confrontation with the right attitude.

Where Are All The Trophy Husbands?: Sparked by some Twitter conversation, I decided to share my thoughts on being a trophy husband. Great comments on this one!

Blogs I Read

Creativity Is Not Optional by Jason Stasyszen: Jason had some great thoughts on creativity. I really liked his point that God doesn’t use formulas but we always try to use them.

Influencers by Chris Brogan: Chris wrote an excellent piece defining influence and how to use it for good.

Two Very Encouraging Words by Edward Paz: Edward gives us a short exhortation: “say it.” He says that if you’ve never said it, it’s never been said. It definitely encouraged me.

Critique By Creating by Stephanie Smith (via Relevant Mag): Stephanie and I had an exchange  on her blog around the topic of critiquing by creating. I asked her to give me some examples and she came up with this essay that was picked up by Relevant. If you read nothing else, read this one. It was my favorite read of the week.

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What’s the best thing you wrote this week?
What’s the best thing you read this week? 


  1. That “Influencers” piece by Brogan was awesome.
    dustin recently posted..Live in Your Gifts

  2. best thing I wrote – hmmm….I do photo blogging mostly – and usually my sunday “scavenger hunts” are always my favorite

    best thing I read – gosh, so many! I lovveeeee Moe’s KJVisms over at http://betachristian.net
    Jenny recently posted..Lakes & Farms | Adventuring with Ashley

    • I love your photo blogs. I’m still waiting to see the new theme!

      Did you see today that Moe announced that he’s not doing the KJVisms anymore? Bummer. But he does have some new stuff on deck.

  3. Hi Tony, thanks for the link here! I’m really glad this all transpired…I love this quote from Michelangelo-“critique by creating”-and your question made me bring it down to earth, what this means and looks like. And now, I’m taking this as my own personal challenge. There’s too much backlash out there and secretly sometimes I love it…but I want to focus on what I can contribute, not attack.

    Thanks again!
    Stephanie S. Smith recently posted..Critique by Creating: Take Two

  4. Thanks so much, Tony! Looking forward to reading the others you mentioned here. Have an amazing weekend. 🙂
    Jason Stasyszen recently posted..Whispers and Shouts (#4)

  5. The best post I read this week was the trophy husband one…

    The best for me this week was my Happy Monday Post on washing my Truck and my Sins….

    and my Weekend for Thought #16 my first Harry potter analogy…

    i’m seriously thinking of changing my blog name to “The Analogist”!!!!! LOL
    arny recently posted..Weekend For Thought # 16: My First Harry Potter Analogy

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