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The Weekend Wrap Up

Blogs I Wrote There’s No Such Thing As Being Overcommitted: I don’t believe in overcommittment. This post is my manifesto on the topic. 4 Words That Changed My Life: I found out how many people are deathly afraid of confrontation. I shared a phrase that changed my whole perspective on how to handle confrontation with […]

Where Are All The Trophy Husbands?

A few weeks ago on Twitter I wrote, “I can’t wait to get married so I can put ‘Trophy Husband‘ on my profile.” It got a ton of response. Just this week I thought about it again and it made me ask the question, “Where are all the trophy husbands?” In just over 2 months, […]

4 Words That Changed My Life

I don’t always respond well to criticism. When I make a mistake, my pride tends to get in the way. Even when I know I’m wrong, it’s hard for me to accept it without justifying my actions. But there are four words that will transform my pride to humility every time. “You’re better than that”

There’s No Such Thing As Being Overcommitted

I remember a time about 10 years ago when I thought I was overcommitted. I was in a relationship. I was in a senior position at my job. I was in a leadership position in a church. I sang on the worship team. I had a full plate and I routinely felt overwhelmed. The problem […]

From Blogging Bachelor To Broadband Bridegroom

Today I’m guest posting at Darrell’s blog called This Is Me Thinking. I told him a little about my digital dating turned real life romance. He was intrigued and asked me to share the story with his community. So hop on over to check it out. And while you’re there, check out his blog. There’s tons […]

The Weekend Wrap Up

Blogs I Wrote 3 Things Grace Is Not: With all the talk about what grace is, I thought it would be fun to talk about what it’s not. Jenny and Keith asked some great questions to extend the conversation. I Need You To Remember My Name: I was talking about names this week with friends […]

For The Vision Impaired

Today’s post is brought to you by my new friend, Arny. In my last post about names, I found out that his name means “powerful eagle,” so you know he’s good. Today he’s sharing his story on dirty windows, the theme song for One Tree Hill and identity. So without further ado, I invite Arny […]

Remember My Name

When I first visited my church, I met a guy who could not remember my name. I introduced myself to him no less than 5 times and every time he gave me the look. The one that says, “I know we’ve met but I still can’t remember your name”. I took it in stride but if […]

3 Things Grace Is Not…

I hear a lot about grace. I sing songs about it. I read books about it. I write blogs about it on occasion. I know what grace is. It is unmerited favor. I’ve also heard it defined as supernatural enabling power. But the other day I was thinking about what grace is not. I haven’t […]

Elevator Pitch: Expect The Exceptional

Are your dreams God’s dreams? These days there is no shortage of voices encouraging you to follow your dreams. Countless books and websites provide strategies to pursue whatever makes you happy. But what if your desires aren’t God’s will? How do you know? In Expect The Exceptional, I share the key to unlocking God’s plan […]