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Why I’ll Never Retire Early

“If I work hard and climb the corporate ladder, I can retire by the time I’m 40”. I remember saying that as I was fresh out of college. Work was a necessary evil. One that prevented me from doing everything I really wanted to do…like sit on a private island and drink Mai Tais all […]

I Suck At Evangelism

In my last job, I worked at a Christian web design company. We were doing a lot of what WordPress does today. Ten years ago, not many people were doing web design with a content management system as the back end. I worked as a project manager and consultant. I loved my job and I […]

The Pride of Perfection

I am a recovering perfectionist. It is a condition that sounds impressive on the surface. However when you get to the root of the issue, it’s more of a disappointment. I’ve given up on things because they weren’t perfect more times than I can count. I almost didn’t even launch this blog because my first […]

Is It Wrong To Imitate Others?

I find myself imitating others on a regular basis. You may say that you are only “inspired” by others. That’s great. But I imitate others all the time. It’s probably not what you think, though. I believe both inspiration and imitation are important. Just as long as you can differentiate when each one is appropriate. […]

3 Parenting Tips I Learned From The Dog Whisperer

Today I make my comedic debut. I know you all think I’m hilarious but I don’t write a humor blog. My posts are mostly serious. So it was fun to let my hair down and share with you something I’m passionate about…telling people how to raise their kids. KC blogs about parenting pretty regularly so […]

Balance Is A Pose, Rhythm Is A Dancer

Have you ever tried to hold a pose for long time? If you’ve ever been in a photoshoot, you know it gets old pretty quickly. Most people who have taken wedding pictures will tell you that after about 5 minutes, posing for pictures isn’t fun anymore. The reception on the other hand? I’ve seen people […]

Finding Freedom In Distraction

I hate distractions. Mostly because I am self-diagnosed ADD. I blame the Internet. What I’ve realized though is that no matter what I do, I will always find a distraction if I’m looking for one. It’s like when you’re in a quiet room and you look at the clock; next thing you know, you hear […]

A Shoot From The Root

I am not a farmer. But many people in the Bible were farmers and so many of the analogies used were easily understood by them. One of the farming techniques that fascinates me is the process of grafting. You can read more about grafting here, but in essence, the shoot of one plant is grafted […]

The Messy, Beautiful Church

One of my guilty pleasures back in the day was the MTV show, The Real World. Before reality TV was basically staged like it is today, this show gave us the fly-on-the-wall look into the lives of real, every day people paired together with complete strangers. It was one of the greatest social experiments of […]

When Dreams Don’t Come True

Today’s post is brought to you by one of my very favorites. Cathy has become a great friend from when I stumbled across her site and we connected immediately through our mutual love of reading. She blogs at Windows and Paper Walls about her fascination with literature, learning and all geeky things science related. She’s […]