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Who Are You To Judge?

Only God can judge me. You’ve probably heard that phrase. You may have even said it yourself. People live their whole life around that idea. Rappers write songs about it. Others have it tattooed across their shoulders, likely anticipating those that will judge them behind their back. But is it true that only God can […]

Emotional Justice

Our legal system is broken. On a regular basis we hear of criminals set free, innocent charged for crimes they did not commit, celebrities getting preferential treatment and even corruption in the courts. In our culture, lawyers are thought of with contempt. Judges do not garner the respect they once had. Many have lost faith […]

7 Things I Learned Last Week

I love traveling! Last week I had the opportunity to go to Columbia, MD for a week of training for my job. Katie’s brother lives nearby so we got to spend the evenings and weekend together. If you remember the last time I went to a training, I came back with 5 lessons learned. This […]

Too Humble Is Half Proud

Today my friend Jason Stasyszen is featured on the blog. I met Jason soon after I started blogging last year. He’s one of the coolest guys I know. We definitely are kindred spirits when it comes to heart issues and ministry. I’m happy to have him featured today. He crushed this post. So without further […]

Bloggers Unite! Join the StumbleUpon Community

Are you a blogger? Are you using StumbleUpon? If not, you should be. On Tuesday, Jeff Goins published a great write up on Why You Should Use StumbleUpon As a Marketing Tool. If you need some direction on how the site works, go there first. Based on great conversation sparked in KC’s blog on Thursday, […]

Potential Failure

I could have been a professional basketball player. I was sure it was going to happen when I was a freshman in high school. I played basketball every day. I was on the high school team. I was good. My coach told me that I could possibly skip JV and go straight to Varsity as […]

Supernatural Love

Every once in awhile you have a serendipitous encounter with an incredible person. A like-minded friend. A brother from another mother. That would be my boy Justin Falls. Jus knows music (East Coast hip hop love from a left coaster), funny (Anchorman quotes for days), grace and justice. I discovered him last year when he […]

Cheesecake Dreamers

I love cheesecake. If I go to the Cheesecake Factory, you can guarantee that the one thing on my mind is dessert. Please don’t ask me to share. This is for your own safety. If you want cheesecake, I’ll buy you a piece. If I see you lean in toward my plate, I will tense […]

I’m Going To Awesometown!

What is Awesometown, you ask? Pfft. Surely you jest! I’ve been invited to do an interview with mayor of Awesometown, the honorable Knox Mccoy. I came across Knox’s fantastical site through Katie. The first couple of posts I read were his Monday Morning Meatloaf which is one of the funniest post series ever. He recaps the […]

The Curse of Reciprocity

I am terrible at receiving gifts. In a way, I’ve taken pride in that. If you give me a gift it’s not enough for me to be thankful, I’m going to pay you back. I don’t struggle with actually accepting gifts but I can’t leave it there. I always feel that in the back of […]