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Is Your Life Unremarkably Average?

There are two things I never want said about me when I die. Tony was average. Tony was unremarkable. I want live an exceptionally remarkable life. I want to live intentionally and make every day count. When I reflect on my life and see mediocrity and stagnation, I know it’s time to light a fire […]

The Divorce Experts

My marriage ended in divorce. Although I’ve only been married once, it wasn’t my first divorce. I’ve been doing it since I was very young. I grew up believing that if you don’t like something, you just move on to the next thing. I dated a lot of girls in high school and college. I […]

Moved With Compassion

Compassion is an important characteristic to me. It’s one of those traits that I’ve always longed to have. For a good part of my early Christian walk, I was way too self-righteous. I definitely didn’t have the kind of compassion Jesus demonstrated in the gospels. Today I’m talking about compassion over at Michael Perkins’s blog […]

Living The Dream

I decided that for my second entry in the Awaken The Dreamers series, I would share a handful of my own dreams. I actually wrote these in April of 2010. It’s pretty cool to see how my life has changed since I wrote these out. I remember my first list of dreams weren’t really dreams […]

On Changing Your Mind

The first time I saw him, I couldn’t stand him. I hadn’t officially met him, but I saw him regularly at church. I didn’t like the way he spoke. He seemed way too cocky. I didn’t like the way he walked. He had too much of a swagger. I didn’t like the way he dressed. […]

Creation Is Groaning

If you were anywhere near a computer or television on Friday, you witnessed one of the most horrifying natural disasters in history. The 8.9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami off the coast of Japan unleashed destruction of epic proportions. The dramatic reports continue to flood in as new pictures and video are posted. My heart breaks […]

Memorize The Song

I love to sing. So when a few years ago I had an opportunity to sing on the worship team in my church, I was thrilled. Other than singing showtunes in choir class in 6th grade, I didn’t have any formal training in singing. I realized that if I was going to sing with a […]

Do Not Remove This Label

I have this nasty little habit I’ve formed. Many times I label people within the first few minutes of meeting them. I observe their words, body language and reactions. I might ask a few questions. Then bam, I put a label on them. Sometimes I do pretty well (at least on the surface). Which only […]

The Doctrine of Agreement

I’ll be the first one to admit that theology can be confusing, overwhelming even. Since the time I started studying theology in 2002, I’ve changed my position more times than I can count. That seems pretty wishy washy for the study a God who never changes, huh? I have held each of my theological positions […]