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Just One Glance

I remember my first crush. I was about 6 years old. Her name was Jessica and she lived in my neighborhood. She was beautiful. I remember I used to just stare at her to no end. Every once in awhile she would turn and catch my eye and my heart would drop to the bottom […]

Is Your Dream An Idol?

I was having an eye-opening conversation with a friend recently. He has been at a place in his life where he is frustrated…tormented even. He has been struggling with a heaviness that was clouding his life. He serves the Lord with all his heart, has a wonderful family that supports him and on the outside […]

The Weight of Expectation

One of my favorite movies of all time is 500 Days of Summer. It’s the story of a boy who meets a girl who he thinks is the woman of his dreams. The film documents the 500 days of their relationship in a unique style by skipping backwards and forward through the days. Many people […]

Maintaining Relationships From A Place Of Sonship

Last week I told you about a relationship seminar that we had in my church. I taught a break-out session for the single men. For all those that prayed for me let me just say, I FELT it. Thank you so much for your support. I feel like it went fantastic. The initial sign up […]

Awaken The Dreamers: Cris Kerr

Welcome to a new series entitled Awaken The Dreamers. Based on a post I wrote last month, I was challenged to sow into the lives of people that are dream chasers. In an effort to stir up the faith in this community, I decided to feature a different person each month to share their personal […]

Afflictions Eclipsed By Glory

I’ve debated for awhile about writing about my testimony. I’ve shared it freely with close friends but I’ve given much thought to sharing it publicly with those that do not know me personally. Not that I’m not ashamed at all. In fact, I believe God has used it to encourage many people. I’ve just been […]

Friday Quick Thoughts

Okay, this is a bonus for all of you that get a little burned out on my 1,000+ word posts. I actually just have a prayer request. This weekend, my church is going to be hosting a relationship seminar. Guess who’s going to be teaching in one of the sessions? Yes indeed, that would be […]

Echoes of Truth

I remember as a kid, how excited I was to find a place that produced an echo. I would sit there constantly saying words and making noises, waiting for the echo. The echo returned my voice in a weaker, softer version. When I was with someone else, invariably they would yell out as well and […]

Overcoming The Spirit Of Fear

I recently had an opportunity to teach on a trip to Brazil. As I was preparing to share a message in front of 350 Brazilians, fear gripped me. This would be by far the largest group of people I had ever spoken in front of. My pastor had spoken two days before and absolutely crushed […]

Reflections on Brazil (Pt.4)

On our last day in Brazil, I honestly couldn’t imagine it getting any better…but it did. I’m not exactly sure what happened in the morning session on Friday. The only way I can really explain it, is a Holy Spirit nuclear bomb that was dropped in the middle of our meeting. The hunger in everyone […]