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Rob Me Of Me

As we wind down the guest post extravaganza (I really like saying that word) we end with my friend Michael Perkins. I honestly just love this guy. He is the real deal. Just an authentic and down to earth kind of guy. He is crazy talented and creative. He has a heart for the broken […]

The Cat Who Descended From Heaven

Day two of the guest post extravaganza is upon you. Next up is my good friend Kristin. I had the good fortune of stumbling across her site when she made the coveted FIRST POST! on Stuff Christians Like. Of all days, it was a day of shameless blog self-promotion and since she made first post, […]

Choosing To Change

Welcome to the guest post extravaganza! First up is my good friend Mo. I can’t remember how I came across his site but the first time I did, I probably read 10 of his posts. I think I’m subscribed to the comment thread of every post since then. He is a storyteller with a unique […]

I’m Leaving On A Jet Plane…

That’s right folks (oh no, did I just say “folks”?) I’m hopping on a plane bright and shiny tomorrow morning. I’m headed off to Belo Horizonte, Brazil and contrary to popular belief, I am not going for Carnaval. It’s been a crazy story and I haven’t even left yet! I almost didn’t even get to […]

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

One of the most perceptible ways that we show what we want or believe is where we spend our money. Casinos and bookies make a living off of this concept because most people want more money…quickly. We hear phrases like “Put your money where your mouth is” or “Put up or shut up”. This has […]

On Information & Revelation (vlog)

In my video blog, I talk about a diagram that I drew of what I feel like God was showing me in relation to information and revelation.

Why Jesus Wept

It is the shortest verse in the Bible. It is the one verse that everyone has memorized, but may not be able to cite. John 11:35: “Jesus wept”. But why did He weep? I’ll attempt to explain why and possibly shift a little bit of your theology along the way. To understand why Jesus wept, […]

The Dash Between The Dates

I’ve been thinking about graveyards lately. A bit morbid, no? Well when you starting thinking about living a full life, you can’t help but think about the imminence of death. A friend mentioned this recently and I can’t get it out of my head. She was talking about the dash between the dates on our […]

On Grace, Forgiveness & Second Chances

Second chances are a hot topic right now. President Obama has been in the news for commending the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles for giving Michael Vick a second chance. Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice, has been given a second chance at life by way of a video of him going […]

Oh How He Loves Me

Most of us can relate to Peter. We know him as zealous, passionate, prideful and most notably…the one who denied Jesus. But can we relate to John? Peter’s identity was in how much he professed to love Jesus. John’s identity was in being the beloved of Jesus. In the Gospel of John, he refers to […]