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Will It Blend?

The company Blendtec made a huge name for themselves online by launching the viral site called “Will It Blend”. On the site they take various objects not normally put in a blender (conspicuously labeled “Don’t Try This At Home”) and put it to the test.

Gates of Thanksgiving

I’m thankful for lies, because truthful lips endure forever. I’m thankful for offenses, because your justice is as the noonday. I’m thankful for waiting, because desire fulfilled is a tree of life.

Empty Vessels

When I was a kid and I finished my drink, I would hold the cup over my head and wait for the last drops to spill out. As the remaining drops fell, I held it there above my head waiting expectantly.

Follow Friday 11/19/10

It’s been a few weeks since I did a Follow Friday on my blog. Rather than flood your Twitter stream with tons of usernames and a #followfriday hash tag, I’ve carefully selected a handful of people that I highly recommend.

Calling Out Greatness In Others

I was a leader at my previous church. Things were great. Everything in my life seemed perfect. Then it happened. I had one of those life-altering events that shook me to the very core of my faith.

Poetry Arrived…

I would consider myself more of an aficionado rather than a writer of poetry. I hold in the greatest esteem those with the gift to craft words in couplets and stanzas. Metaphors and similes are heart-piercing darts in the quiver of a poet.

5 Things I Learned Last Week

Last week I traveled to New Jersey for 3 days of training for my job. While there, I was able to make it over to New York to visit some family. I left on Tuesday and returned Friday night. It was a good time to disconnect from the blogging world and learn some new things.

iPhone It In

I don’t know why but phrase “phone it in” drives me absolutely crazy. Seriously, did I miss the memo that went out that every blogger has to start using the phrase phone it in?

You’re Not Worth My Time

I would rather waste money than waste time. As I realize how valuable my time really is, I can no longer just spend it frivolously. However, I still struggle in determining how to spend my time wisely in various areas of my life.

Agree To Disagree. Then What?

I had a disagreement with someone I just recently met. I had two choices. Either appreciate their point of view and allow that to teach me a different perspective, or I could draw a line in the sand. That line would determine how far I take the relationship. Reflecting on this, I realized that at […]