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Take Up Your Phone And Follow Me

I posted this tweet earlier this week: I got a few interesting responses and thought it would be fun to talk a little about how everyone uses the Twitter (shout to @katdish on that one, who you definitely should follow by the way). When I first started Twitter, I’ll admit I was a bit lost. […]

Write What You Know

When I first started this blog I debated on what I would write about. I brewed over ideas as I started the process by registering my domain name, purchasing hosting, installing Wordpress, importing a template and I finally put the site online. I imported my previous blogs and random writings that I had laying around.

Waiting In Worship

I am a part of the Eleventh Hour Institute in my church. It is an intensive discipleship program geared toward raising up eleventh hour workers (Matt. 20) to prepare the harvest for the return of Christ.

2 Month Milestone

Today I celebrate 2 months writing this blog. It has been an overwhelmingly rewarding experience. A small desire in my heart is finally coming to fruition and is transforming into a burning passion.

A Little About Me: A Video Blog

This is my first video blog. It was done in one take with no editing. I hope you enjoy: Now that you know a little more about me. Tell me what you think. What’s one thing you can share about yourself that I don’t know?

Soulless Social Media

Facebook is killing your soul! Twitter is for narcissists! Social media is sending this world to hell in a handbasket! What is your first response to those statements? Do you say amen or do roll your eyes in annoyance?

If You Could Not Fail

I recently read the following question on a blog I read called The Art of Non-Conformity: “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

Best. Life. Ever.

I’ve never been a big fan of hyperbole. I’ve always been a “say what you mean and mean what you say” kind of guy. So when a friend of mine has a tendency to use “best [insert word] ever” on a regular basis, it would cause me concern.

Reborn All Over Again

My first guest post! I have the honor of guest posting over at my buddy Mo’s blog today. I’m sharing a little bit of my testimony and how I’ve been through a process of continual rebirth in my walk with the Lord. I’d love for you to check out the post over at The Blogging. […]

The Power of Encouragement

Encouragement is not a subject that we dive into very deeply on a regular basis. Sure we all believe it is important but do we really understand its value?