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Heart Muscle Memory

When I was younger I played a lot of basketball. At night I used to lay in my bed practicing my shooting form by rolling the ball off my fingers. I would lay there for hours just doing it over and over again.

From Slavery To Sonship

Sons and slaves have very different roles in a household. There are different expectations put on a son and a servant. One is part of the family and one is a hired hand.

Birthday Wishes

I love celebrating birthdays. It is the one day that belongs to you and only you. Christmas is great but everyone else gets presents and technically we’re celebrating Jesus’ birthday, right?

The Easy Way Out (My Open Letter To The Church)

It’s easy to complain about others It’s easy to find fault in their actions It’s easy to criticize It’s easy to make fun It’s easy to disgrace someone publicly It’s easy to make yourself feel superior It’s easy to be self-righteous It takes much more effort to love It takes much more effort to have […]

Grace For Works

Most people have heard grace defined as “unmerited favor”. Another definition of grace is “the influence or spirit of God operating in humans to regenerate or strengthen them”. When my pastor defines grace he calls it “supernatural enabling power”

Gray Areas

Some of my favorite topics to discuss with other Christians are those areas that aren’t explicitly mentioned in the Bible. I believe as we mature as followers of Christ, this is one of the key subjects that we must be able to wrap our heads around.

A Road Rage Confession

Let me paint a picture for you. You wake up refreshed after a great night of sleep. You open your Bible and get in the Word. You spend some time praying and you feel great. Reading through a great book, you highlight some excerpts that you decide that you will put in a blog post and add your own insights.