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Leader Is Not A Title

So much is said about leadership these days. Leadership is influence. Leaders have passion. You lead by example. For the most part, I agree with all of these points. People talk about the great responsibility that comes with leadership. I agree with that as well

The Importance of One On One Time

One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes is “The Dog”. It’s the one where Jerry, George and Elaine were supposed to see the movie “Prognosis Negative” but Jerry informs them that the has to take care of a dog and asks them to go without him

Punishment vs Consequence

We love to quote Romans 8:1. It’s a great verse. It feels good to quote it to others who are discouraged. It gets thrown around a lot. But what does it really mean?

Reflections on Israel (Pt.3)

We always speak of the wilderness as a time of dryness or distance from God. It is a time in our life that we know will come, but we always pray to be released from it as quickly as possible. While you’re in it, all you can think about it getting out.

Reflections On Israel (Pt.2)

Our tour guide Salo told us that Jews have a saying when they return to live in Israel. “I have come to build and to be rebuilt”. I found this statement absolutely profound.

Reflections On Israel (Pt.1)

As I reflect back on my trip to Israel I think about how perfectly God crafted our group. While I couldn’t see it in the beginning, God was forming a group of people that would become tightly knit, like-minded, and forever changed by an amazing journey.