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The Folly of Debating Your Faith

Nothing feeds my ego so much as winning a debate with another intelligent person. It is the nature of my pride. The moment in the debate where the other person realizes that there is no logical response to my argument is priceless. Once they succumb to a nonsensical response such as “Well you’re a pompous jerk” then I know I’ve truly triumphed.

Armistice: Album Review

Artist: Mutemath Album: Armistice Release Date: August 18, 2009 Label: Warner Bros. ar⋅mi⋅stice [ahr-muh-stis] –noun a temporary suspension of hostilities by agreement of the warring parties; truce The aptly titled Armistice album is the result of a painful labor of frustration, in-fighting and near end to this phenomenal band.  This is actually the second recording […]

Still praying for direction…

Talk about options…sometimes I just wish I only had one choice so I could put all my energy in that direction. So many options just gets overwhelming!