404 How Quickly Things Change

How Quickly Things Change

As soon as my mind is made up that I’m going to go to the nations next year, you would think things would start to become solidified right?  Not so fast…

YWAM has a program called University of the Nations.  It is a complete program with course, curriculum, graduation, etc.  Anyone that takes a DTS gets credit towards that program.  There wasn’t much information about the program on the Oxford NZ base’s website so I did a google search.  The site that came up was for the Kona base in Hawaii.  I come to find out that this was the original base where YWAM was founded.  My friend’s sister and brother both did a DTS there almost 10 years ago.  As I’m perusing the site, I can see that it is a much more mature program.  They have many more DTS programs, other courses and quite a bit of other things going on there.

After reading through the site, I come across a page called Information Technology.  Immediately my interest was piqued.  As I kept going, I find that they have an IT team that is focused on bringing technology to the nations.  Their plans are to set up computer labs and train people how to use computers, set up Internet cafes and basically just use technology for the Kingdom.

Immediately my mind started racing…is this something I could be a part of?  That would absolutely be a dream of mine.  I know that I haven’t been equipped with the knowledge and background in IT to just exit the corporate world and leave all that knowledge behind.  So maybe I should be heading to Hawaii rather than New Zealand.  I just started praying.  It just seemed way too random that I’m coming across this now.  I got their contact email and sent a request for more information.

Recently I’ve gotten pretty heavy into Twitter (see my tweets on the right navigation –>>).  Just two days ago I started following YWAM.  Next thing you know I get an message from them that said “would you be into serving YWAM in IT in other parts of the world? :)”  I literally was like “are you kidding me?”  I immediately replied back saying “Yes, definitely!  How can I get more information.”  I got a reply back asking for my background and availability, so I replied right away.  Just this morning I got an email from the Global Communications Office in England expressing their excitement and asking if they could have someone contact me by phone.


It just reminds me of the verse in Proverbs 16:9:

“The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his paths”

So yeah, plans may very well be changing but I’m completely excited and I’m just sitting back and praying to God saying “Lord, send me!”

More updates to come very soon!


  1. Wow, I am SO excited for you!!! Please keep me updated and let me know what happens :o)

  2. Wow, I am SO excited for you!!! Please keep me updated and let me know what happens :o)

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